Transformers. More than meets the eye!

Surprisingly enough, my husband lived another year without accident. We threw him a party to celebrate:

Dodi comes through once again for us :)

Brian's co-workers chipped in to buy him a bottle of "private reserve" hot sauce. It hadn't arrived yet, so he was looking at a printed out picture of it!

Just like a little kid, all giddy about everyone singing to him!

Jeremy and Brian ponder something deep and meaningful. Yeah, right!

We had lots of great conversation:

Brian was super impressed with Lori's nails:

Since we have no tree nearby and Jeremy was the tallest person we had, he got elected to hold the pinata.

There was SO much candy!! I think Vince used a 5 lb bag or something!


  1. Happy Birthday, Brian! Philip would have been thrilled to attend a Transformers party. That's what he had for turning 4 even down to the same pinata. I know now -- don't fill pinatas with big bulky items. Your friend's bag of candy was right on. I stuffed toy sunglasses, skittles packs, etc. inside as I thought it would be fun for the kids to fill their goodie bags with the pinata stuff. Well, it would come out and MAtthew had to kick a hole in the thing so we could get it out. Bad!!

  2. Fun! I think that's the funnest adult party I've seen.

  3. I agree, what a fun party for an adult. He's so lucky to have you!!! :)


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