In Loving Hands

So, the other day, I was taking pictures of this squirmy little guy:

Did you forget that we were proud owners of a mouse? I don't blame you if you did. *I* happen to forget we have a mouse all the time. Well, until I step foot in Jaina's room and smell that his cage needs to be cleaned. Despite Squeaky not being a top priority for me, Jaina and Brian love the darn thing and spend lots of time playing, petting, and checking on him.

Jaina walked in to see what I was doing. She's pretty used to me having in a camera in my hands 24/7 always trying out new things. She knelt down next to Squeaky and tried to calm him down. Supposedly he didn't like the sound the shutter made, despite not using a flash during his shoot.

Then, to our surprise, Squeaky made a running jump into Jaina's outstretched hands!

This really is a new thing for Squeaky. He's normally very timid, which really isn't common for a pet store mouse. Mice and rats make very good pets because they like to be handled and are easily trained.

There was a bit of an incident the day we brought Squeaky home with us. Somebody (Um, Brian) accidentally dropped Squeaky on the table after the first 5 seconds of being in the house. Then the same "somebody" picked him up the wrong way and as a result, got bit pretty bad. That made the mouse get dropped again. Maybe you can see why Squeaky doesn't really like to be handled?

Anyway, this totally made Jaina's day :) And I had the camera ready to catch it :)


  1. I think its wonderful that you let Jaina have pets. I think a mouse is a great first pet and may get one for Joshua.

    THe whole kitten thing needs a lot of responsibility. I personally think Joshua has allergies. When we were at Jason and Cristina's house cat-watching Fiona, Joshua had sneezing attacks and itchy watery eyes, the last two days we were there. He got mad and kept saying he wasn't sick.

    I had allergies as a child but I out grew them. Maybe he will be the same. As far as Jeremy, I think he can control his a lot better now that he uses allergy sprays.

    We'll see. I think kids having pets teaches great responsibility and nurturing.

    I like your new look on the blog.

  2. Great pictures. LOL On my blog I am giving away a Zhu Zhu hamster later today I'll put that up but it might be right up *somebodys* alley

  3. I second Melissa - love the new look! And I had no idea you had a pet mouse! Great photo shoot :) It's awesome that you caught this "first" on camera!


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