More fun with two

Even though I don't talk about it much, Jayce still has many occupational and speech goals that we continue to work on daily at home. I'm happy to say that he's made great progress in so many areas :)

The area of "self-help" is one we continue to work on. Jayce now can pull up and down his pants and underwear with elastic. He's discovered he can unsnap a lot of his pant and he's currently working on a zipper goal. His therapists and I have been working on buttons for almost a year now. He can do the big plastic buttons on the therapy vest and also do one of his Gymboree pajama shirts at home. Little buttons continue to be a problem, but he practices every day he wears a button-down shirt:

The satisfaction of completing a task makes for one happy boy! Now he was all ready for school.

That same day, I agreed to babysit for one of Jayce's best friends. When I first met him, there was no way in the world he would have ever stayed at my house without his mom. What a difference a year makes!

Jayce had to go to school a little while after Kyler arrived, so for an hour or so, it was just me and him. We played "motorcycles" (aka dirt bikes) on the coffee table.

When Jayce got home from school later, Kyler asked to play with the rice table.

Playing with the rice tray hasn't always been one of Jayce's favorite sensory activities. I distinctly remember him being scared to touch dry rice for a long time. Carmen, his former EI, would bring over a tupperware container filled with rice and small rubber objects for him to find inside. We had to put it away for a bit when Jayce started trying to eat the rubber pieces. He was also trying to eat pennies at that stage, too, if I recall correctly.

Last time, the boys drove matchbox cars through the rice and buried them under piles. This time, they just wanted spoons and cups to keep happy.

I think this may be Kyler's favorite activity at my house now :)

Yep, lots more fun with two :)

Thanks for playing, Kyler!


  1. buttons are very hard to do. Depending on the loop they go into. Some are so tightly sewn, they make it impossible for the button to go into. Joshua has that problem with some of his pants. Justin doesn't like button down shirts. Maybe its because of the buttons.

    Jayce is doing so well.

    I like the rice idea. I did dry lentils with Justin, with scoopers and old baby food jars on a tray. He liked it a lot. I will try the rice next.

    Justin actually used a pencil and scissors the right way on Friday. He only did it for about 45 seconds or less, but its an accomplishment. He said holding the scissors the right way hurt his hand. So I know it will take time. He doesn't like pencils, so I am working with him on that too. I hope I am a good teacher for him, so many people are criticizing me for not putting him in Preschool this FALL. I want to teach him as much as I can, like in a home school way, then do the Free VPK program when he is old enough.

  2. Congrats on the button accomplishment. Adrian loves sensory play but surprised me one day when I tried to get him to touch a pine cone and he was terrified, surprising what things kids with sensory issues will react to. Love the pictures, he's adorable. Glad he got to have fun with a friend too. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. What a clever idea with that rice table! I never would have thought of it - but I'm going to steal it. The idea, that is...


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