Flat as a pancake

Do you know what you get when....

-you use too much Bisquick (No, mommy! Not one cup! You need two!")
-not enough powered buttermilk (I think you need two. Not six spoons. TWO!")
-not enough water (That's too much water mommy! Don't spill it! Just use a little water. There.")
- then too much water (No, I pour it all mommy!")
- 3 times as many eggs as needed (You got to use all the eggs all GONE!")
- and then don't stir the batter well? ("Its not your turn to stir mommy! Its my turn!")

Your pancakes will turn out a bit flat. With lumps of dry powder in them.

But your little boy will happily eat them anyway, taking pride in helping have made them.


  1. Too, too funny!

    Go on, confess, you ate some too?

  2. that is sooo cute! what a patient mom you are! glad to get to know some of joe's side of the fam on here :) justin says hi!


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