Playing Soccer in the Rain

Super tired, so I'll make this quick!

1. It rained off and on all day last Saturday
2. Upward only cancels if there is lightening
3. Supposedly Jaina's coach doesn't know this
4. Instead of forfeiting, Jaina and two other team members who actually showed up decided to play 3 on 4.
5. Another girl joined in during the first quarter.
6. All 4 girls had to play the entire 60 minute game without a break.
7. They kicked butt and WON!!!
8. No pictures of Jayce's game until my mom gets them off her camera
9. It could be next year before that happens
10. I am seriously regretting putting Jayce in soccer this year.


  1. LOL! Sorry it wore you out.

    Uh oh @ #10. Is it too much for him or too much for you? OXOXOX

  2. Go Jaina. She's looks quite the professional little soccer player.


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