Snack attack

Shocking, I know, but we only spent maybe 2 times total going to the park this summer, despite living less than 5 miles from one. It was just too darn hot. And we were too darn busy to go. Instead we spent our summer at indoor inflatable places, friends' houses, therapy lobbies, childrens museums, science centers, and the movie theatre. Anything we could do to escape the blaring hot sun of summer. When we did venture outside, it had to somehow involve water play. We went to the interactive fountain, the water park, played in the sprinklers, and utilized our friend's slip n' slide (they have grass at their house).

So it was especially nice the other morning to take Jayce to the park, in beautiful 70 degree weather, no less. We've truly missed the park and our MOMS Club park friends. Now that school is back in session, our MOMS Club attendees mainly consist of "little ones" that aren't in school or preschool yet. Everyone in Jayce's birth year playgroup is now doing some sort of preschool program this year. Lucky for us, most of the activities are at 10 in the morning and Jayce's school doesn't start until 11:30.

We got there a bit early this morning. Jayce decided that he wanted to sit at the picnic table and eat his snack of Cheese-It GRIPZ while he waited for his friends to come. I, of course, never leave home with out my camera. And when faced with a period of waiting for something more stimulating to come around, I take pictures. Most of them I delete, but some I think just really capture the essence of my children. Like these :)


  1. beautiful Jessie.

    It's the everyday things that make life extraordinary.

  2. Summers are suffocating in South Carolina, unless water is involved. I'm enjoying this cooler shift myself! And I love the pics as usual - especially the one in the collage at the end where Jayce has a Gripz between his teeth. So cute.

  3. That's great that Jayce is in the later class so you can stay for all of MOPS. Plus you have that one on one time with him in the mornings when kids are most alert. After we get settled in our new house (16 days and counting!), we need to meet at the park more often (more often than never should be easy to do!!).


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