What did I say?

You may think that rules were made to be broken, but obviously not in my house!

The other day at dinner, I had thrown together a chicken enchilada recipe using some taco seasoning in the pantry. I knew the kids would prefer cheese quesadillas, so I made those in addition to our saffron rice and enchiladas. We sat down together as a family and all took our first bites.

And then my mouth was on fire.

After drowning in my glass of water, I remark, "Wow, those are a bit too spicy for me!"

Jaina replies, "Sorry mom, but that's your dinner. You don't get anything else until you eat that."

Well, pft. That's what I tell her all the time.


Fast forward to soccer practice this evening. Jayce was a wild mess. He did the opposite of what the coach instructed. He was loud, he bothered all the other kids, and he kept spitting on the ground and eating his shirt. In other words, he was driving me crazy. When practice was almost over, he ran from me. I was able to catch up with him and grab his arm. All the while saying, "Jayce, you need to walk with me. We will hold hands and go get Jaina from her practice."

He did not like this one bit and immediately started pulling. As we got to the car he said, "YOU DO NOT GRAB! GRABBING IS NOT NICE! IT IS NOT GOOD MANNERS! DON"T GRAB ME, MOMMY!"

Which is exactly what I said to him the other day when he grabbed a toy out of Jaina's hands.


At least I know my kids listen to me!


  1. Kids have the most inconvenient memories, too :P

    (I'm laughing my butt off right now, by the way.)


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