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I've been a long time patron of a local consignment sale. It used to be called Child-to-Child, back when Jaina was a toddler. I remember the first time I ever went there I found her a beautiful red silky night gown and robe.... absolutely identical to the one I had when I was 2 or 3. She ended up wearing it for years, even when she'd totally outgrown it and couldn't button it in the back.

I finally started selling some of her clothes when I got pregnant with Jayce. Not very many because I knew people I could pass them down to instead. Although I love selling my children's clothes at this bi-yearly sale, I still always offer them to friends for first dibs.

I used to keep my shopping at the sale to what I made in profit at the sale. Then I would spend hundreds of dollars on brand new clothes for the kids from Old Navy, Target, Children's place, and Gymboree.

Why? I think its because I saw the used consignment clothes as "play" clothes instead of their "real" Fall or Spring wardrobe. It quickly became apparent that my kids actually preferred the clothes they got to pick out for $5 instead of the brand new $20 outfits I'd buy.

Now I try to do the majority of my shopping at the consignment sale. Jaina picked out the following clothes herself and then did a fashion show for me when we got home :)

Don't worry, its a skort. No 2nd grade boy can look up her skirt on the playground :)

We found two pairs of PJ's for her right away:

It may not be a wired-hair fox terrier on her jeans, but its a super cute dog anyway!

Yep, she's a CUTIE alright :)

This sweater we found is from an old line at Gymboree. How do we know? Well, Jaina had an almost identical sweater when she was 18 months old :)

I wasn't crazy about this dress on the rack at the sale, but Jaina insisted. And I'm glad she did because its super cute on her!

Showing me her sparkly buttons:

So, how do you feel about consignment sales?


  1. jess, those are great outfits! and where were skorts when we were growing up?! greatest invention ever ;) we love them here. that red dress, so very cute! it's got a vintage look about it. and the dog on the hem of those jeans <3 i'd like a pair, actually, for myself. i could keep commenting, the ponies on that shirt? gah.. really nice choices jaina!!

  2. also, i can't believe she had the patience to try on so many outfits!!

  3. Ditto about skorts, Ana!

    LOVE your super consignment finds.

  4. I soooo need to go with you next year. Remind me to schedule the flood some other time so I don't miss it, haha.

    Great job, looks like you got some nice stuff.

  5. Consignment sales, garage sales, are great buys. There used to be one called Kidz to Kidz in boca. I don't know if it's still there?!? Clothes for boys are too hard to find though, just not a market for them, unless it's cute toddler clothes.

    Oh, Please don't ever sell that leopard baby outfit I gave you....I had bought that when I was pregnant with Joshua. I loved that outfit, I bought it at an Outlet in Orlando, I think it was Saks Fifth Ave or something like that.

    Jaina looks very nice and the clothes look brand new. She has great taste for the red dress, really stylish, almost vintage looking.

  6. I'm ALL about consignment shopping!!!

  7. I love consignment sales! You found some really great items!

  8. I love consignment shops, garage sales and any other way to buy gently used clothing for my grandchildren, especially the 10 and 6 year old (and for me, if I find something I just have to have). In fact I used Craigslist about an hour ago to find all the garage sales for tomorrow morning. My daughter-in-law loves our Saturday morning garage sales, then it is out to breakfast for some girl time.

  9. I like consignment stores & garage sales mostly for play clothes. If the colors are still bright and in good contition then I'll get them for school clothes. Mostly my kids prefer the new stuff - especially my daughter.

  10. Love consignment sales - any sale for that matter! Your daughter is too cute! Looks like she might be on the road to becoming a fashion model!

  11. I love consignment shops.

    Looks like you found a lot of great things. I too use to love to model my clothes when I was a kid. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  12. She is beautiful! And she got some really cute stuff! I am still unsure of the consignment stores but I think that is because I have not found a good one in my area. The one we have even though it is a Once Upon a Child isn't as great as I had hoped so even though I sell some of our used clothes/toys there I haven't actually bought anything for my kids there yet. The racks of all the different clothes sorta overwhelm me and part of me I think feels a twinge of guilt. Not sure why. Although I really try to find good deals out there and clearance and what not as clothes can get super expensive especially when it gets so cold and you need all the winter stuff too like the winter coats can get pricey sometimes. Good post though!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I just went to a huge consignment sale yesterday and got some great finds. Jammies for the boys for $2 a set, a nice fall jacket for my 2 yo for $5 (brand new still with tag), nice shirts for $1 and $2. Unfortunately didn't find any jeans for them but was pleased with everything else I found. We have 3 huge consignment sales in the Fall and Spring in our area. They are all at different times and I have enjoyed going to them. I used to only buy new but realized that was silly if I could find good quality clothes used. I am very picky but still find great deals. Sorry this was really long! Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Cute clothes... just not as cute as the little girl wearing them! :o)

  15. My kids are dressed 90% in consignment clothes. I'm all about letting other people spend their hard earned cash at the real stores and I'll pick up their Gymoree and Gap kids clothes at the consignment sales. I think my kids always look cute! Your kids are cute too and I'm glad you can now spend some of the money you would have on clothes, on other fun stuff instead. I'll be sad when my kids outgrow the sizes they have on the sales because I'll have to bite my lip hard to pay the big bucks for real new clothes.


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