Fabulous Friday!

Now that I've joined so many mom blogging communities and subscribe to over 100 RSS feeds, I've come to realize that there is a different blogging "topic" for every day of the week! Sometimes even more! Woo hoo! Thank you for being creative for me! Because sometimes I really need that. I always have pictures to post, but usually don't have anything witty to say. Oh well, that's just me :)

So, I  happen to LOVE Not-me- Mondays, Truthful Tuesdays, Wordless Wednesdays, (um, does anything happen on Thursdays?),Flashback Fridays, just to name a few. Oh, I've also found out there is Frugal Fridays and Five Question Fridays as well. :)

But I'm not really lead to do any of those today. Because TODAY, which is the first day in a LONG time, I do not have a schedule. No AM therapy for Jayce, no lunchtime meetings for me, no PM therapy for Jayce, no scheduled events for tonight. My calendar is CLEAR!! Do you even know how fabulous that is??

Its 8:46 AM and I'm still sitting in my PJ's. I briefly thought about working out this morning since everything under the sun (MLK, MOPS, ABA Evals, etc) has kept me from doing it this week. But nope, I'm gonna skip it again today. Just start fresh again next week.

Oh, there are SO many things that I *could* be doing (answering emails, organizing pictures on my desktop) and so many things I *should* be doing (laundry, laundry, laundry, vacuum the play room, vacuum my room, make beds, dishes, eat breakfast). But I'm not doing any of it.

I'm sitting up here in the bonus room on my computer at my desk. In my lap is a Wii remote and classic controller and I am patiently waiting my turn as second player Luigi on the Super Mario Brother's 3 game. Since Jayce's turns at Mario never last long, I don't have to wait more than a minute or two. Its taken me about 15 minutes already just to type this out!

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know all about the evils of video games. But I also know how much fun it is to lose yourself in a game for an hour or two and JUST HAVE FUN.

Jayce isn't going to be able to have spontaneous fun like this during the week much longer. All of his ABA evaluations are done. All we are waiting on now is the final report to be written and approved. He will probably qualify for 20 hours a week. That's ON TOP of school, where he already spends close to 12.5 hours a week. Wow, that's like a full time job. We're also not going to stop our outside private therapy that he gets from the hospital and from our friend Kim.

It may end up being way too much for Jayce. We'll just have to wait and see. But research has proven (and there's not much research on  individual therapy practices thus far) that the more therapy you allow your child to be a part of at the earliest age possible fields the best possible outcome.

Some goals we have for Jayce:

-to be able to make up pretend games on his own
-to be able to hold a pencil and write letters
-to be able to make up simple pretend stories both orally and written
-to be able to draw basic shapes
-to be able to color a picture using many colors of crayons and stay relatively within lines.
-to be able to describe objects by using adjectives
-to be able to make guesses
-to be able to dress himself and take clothes off by himself
-to be fully pottytrained during the day
-to be able to ask WHEN things are going to happen
-to be able to modulate his voice in different situations appropriately
-to be less impulsive
-to express his feelings better

I could go on and on. But those are the ones that are sticking out to me right now. I know how important early therapy is in the grand scheme of things. Its just that I hate making things difficult for Jayce. Sometimes I feel like there's no harm in letting him eat quesadillas every day for lunch and reading "Going on a Bear Hunt" every night for months on end. His Wii, DS, and computer make him so happy that taking it away after a time limit just seems mean.

So I'm letting him have his freedom now fully knowing that next week will be a whole different ballgame.

Well, Jayce and I are off to go eat a snack and take a shower! I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday as well!


  1. Yay for no schedule...I'm in my pj's too! Riley's turn on Mario never last long either..haha. Oh and Thrusday could be "Thankful Thursday"...now you have something for every day of the week!

  2. those are some great goals for Jayce, I now there are quite a few on there I want to use for Justin.

    Good luck. All this will payoff for Jayce, like it already has.

  3. He's not only getting lost in a video game for an hour or two, but he's also spending precious quality time with his mom. So I see nothing wrong with that.

    I love having days where I don't have to do anything, granted I have a lot of them since I only have a dog to care for, lol.

  4. Glad you had such a great morning :) And your pictures tell their own story - the words are just a bonus!

  5. Wow, that is one incredibly full schedule! Good luck with it all, and enjoy your day of freedom. You both deserve it.

  6. early intervention is key!!! and video games are super fun, especially mario bros :)

  7. Early therapy will make all the difference! I studied it so much in school, and it really is incredible what it can turn into... Still, you're right in just letting him enjoy his own time while he can. It will all work out great though, promise!


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