Feeding Therapy Update

Today marked the first day going back to feeding therapy in over a month for Jayce. We had slacked off going because I had forgotten to bring his food a couple of times after Thanksgiving and then his therapist took 2 weeks off at Christmas. Over the past few weeks, I've noticed that Jayce has really wanted to fall back in his old ways of eating. He's been asking for cheese at every meal and snack. He's not wanted food that he got used to eating in therapy like grapes and potatoes.

So, after taking to his therapist today, we are going to put a little more effort into Jayce's feeding issues and meals both at home and in his sessions. Slacking off will just result in Jayce going right back into his limited diet choices and we don't want to backtrack at all!

For this week, we are going to work on touching, smelling, and playing with the following foods:

starch- mashed potatoes
protein- ham lunch meat
legume- baked beans
fruit- grapes and navel oranges
vegetable- carrots and cucumbers

For lunch, he can only choose between two meal options. And those choices cannot include what he had the day before. His lunch options are: chicken nuggets and french fries, cheese quesadilla, grilled cheese sandwich, peanut butter sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, and vegetable soup. If he was left to pick what he wanted every day, it would be french fries with a bit of chicken nugget. Or cheese quesadilla every day.


  1. Hey Jess, do you happen to have any literature or worksheets on food therapy? We're having some trouble with D (he will only eat "Taco Bell Quesadillas!" - which are really just our made-at-home quesadillas, but still :) ). He is also severely iron deficient because of his current diet, and we're struggling to get the iron supplement down him. Blargh. Anyway, if you have any tips, etc., that you could forward my way (or if you want to blog about feeding tips ;)), I would send you a huge cyber hug!

  2. My son only eats drinkable yogurt, cream cheese on graham crackers, occationally chicken nuggets. WHat is food therapy and how did you know your son needed it

  3. I think it's great Jayce is getting this.

    Joshua has a fear of foods and smells. He always has. He hates lunch time at school, hates the smell of food cooking.

    He wont' eat anything but PBJ sandwiches and hot dogs. He will eat grapes and cheese sticks for snacks and only carnation instant breakfast. It is such a struggle, battle, crying episodes and freak out session when we try to incorporate new foods. He hates all starches except bread, will not touch meat with a ten foot pole and vegetables are too slimy for him. I know it some kind of sensitivity issue, he has always been this way since he was a a baby. I can't help but think it was because of the daycare he was at. ANy kind of food with substance they would not feed to him. They promoted the babies to eat baby food all the way through to the 18 months , they didn't want to bother with whole foods since it was a choking hazard, in the mean time, he got used to smooth unadulterated foods and it has crippled him.

    Sorry to ramble, but we are having big issues with this, his blood sugar levels are crashing so bad since he won't eat certain foods and refuses to eat. He has dizzy spells, pale, sweaty palms and confusion. I am taking him to the doctors today. At school his out of focus issues are so bad, he is forgetful, can't zone in on projects and seems to be "out there" per the teacher. He is making A and B's but is really, really slow and his congnitive functions are delayed when it comes to getting things mentally from his brain on to paper or in a directive form....

    If you can post any helpful ideas you have learned that would be a life saver for us. We can't afford any OT help, the school won't help us either.


  4. PS- Joshua will eat waffles and pancakes and bacon. Bacon I limit to once or every other month or just special occassions. I can get him to eat boiled egg whites for protein, that's it.

    Thanks for helping us out.

  5. Oh, my heart goes out to you. I really cannot imagine having to cope with a child who will not eat other than a very limited amount of food. My son eats everything and anything, including all the great veggies that children usually shy away from. I hope you can help yours get his issues with food sorted out, both for your sanity and his health! Good luck!

  6. I am so glad you are getting help. Maybe I can read back and find my answers. Please here these questions from a mom of a preemie who has never eaten like she should. Have they checked his growth hormone, what is his height and weight. I ask because with my grace she has had every known test in the world and all has came out ok. we do have her on meds to make her hungry. it worked for a while. she is 4 and weighs 32 pounds. her little friend who was in the NICU with her weighs 22 pounds and they just found out that he has very low growth hormone and is now starting shots. I do have another friend whose son is autistic and who at almost 4 only makes sounds. your story with speach sounds just like hers.


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