Some matters of housekeeping

Okay, so taking a break from posting about the daily grind here, I thought I'd share some random thoughts that have been stewing in my brain the past few days.

First of all.....

Since when did my blog attract readers that *aren't* my IRL friends and family? This whole "internet networking" thing is pretty interesting, to say the least. Ever since my good friend Kim Brooks got me into blogging back in 2006, I've basically just been using this blog as a sort of an online scrapbook to document my children's lives with words and pictures.

Then I realized how good it felt to actually journal my thoughts and feelings on here, too. I could rant about non-AP parenting dogma and rave about my favorite band from college if I felt like it. It turned into a blog about my life, not just my children's lives. Although my children are a VERY big and important part of my life, I am more than just their mom. And I discovered this from reading all of YOUR blogs over the years.

I absolutely love reading blogs. I enjoy them all! The ones about parenting, the ones about photography, the ones about spiritual journeys, about weight loss, about TTC, about living abroad, about being crafty. I feel some days that I can't get enough! Its because of my new hobby of blog reading that I decided to join such communities like Blog Frog and Mom Bloggers Club. Through those two sites, I've already become a follower of so many wonderful voices out there and started making some new online friends :)

So I wanted to take a minute and say "Thank You!" for stopping by my blog and taking an interest in my family's lives. Thank you for being part of my support system by leaving kind comments and encouragement.

Okay, so now that the mushy sentimental stuff is all over, on to more nitpicky housekeeping items. :)

Thank you to everyone that has complimented on my January blog header! I can't take credit for it at all! (Okay, so I gave birth to the kids, paid for the ornament, and used my own camera, but that's it!) My blogging friend Mrs. Bushey is kind enough to design a new blog header for me every month.

Thanks Melissa!! It is awesome as always!

Moving on....

It took me a while to figure out this whole "button" thing. I am not really good with HTML code, despite being married to a programmer :) But I'm learning! So, if you have a button that you would like for me to snag and display here on my blog, please leave me a comment telling me so :)
(Sorry I don't have a button of my own to give you! Maybe one day!)

And I know you all are just *dying* to know how I am doing on my 2010 goals.

New Year's Resolution # 1 (or whatever): Stop Making Boxed meals

I've done pretty darn good with this one! (says the mom who is planning on making something that includes Mexican Style Hamburger Helper this evening!) Despite tonight's menu, I really have gotten back into cooking fresh. I won't bother posting all the recipes I've used, but I have to post this one because it was SO good!

My husband does not eat pork or beef (not for religious or health reasons, just to be a royal pain!) so we cook a lot of chicken and turkey. I mean, A LOT. Cause I don't eat soy or beans. Yep, that pretty much limits us to poultry at our house.

While I was searching on the other night for a marinade, I came across this one:

1 cup blackberry wine
□ 1/4 cup soy sauce
□ 1/4 cup green onions
□ 1/2 tsp ground ginger
□ 2 tbsp brown sugar
□ 1/2 tsp garlic powder
□ 1/4 cup olive oilMix all together in zip-lock bag. Add any pork and marinade for at least 4 hours. This makes the most moist and tender grilled pork tenderloin you have ever tasted.

I used Turkey Breast Filets instead of pork and OH MY GOODNESS! Those things were SO good! My daughter said, "Is this steak? This tastes soo good! It tastes like steak!" They were flavorful, seasoned, tender, and melt-in-your mouth yummy. I ended up broiling the filets in the oven on Hi and they were perfect :)

New Year's Eve Resolution #2: Working out

I didn't get a chance to start this one until yesterday. Let's just say that it hurts to stand, to sit, to get up, to walk up stairs, to walk down stairs, and to sit and pee. When they say this video is an "all body sculpting" workout, they weren't kidding. Please tell me that by next week some of the soreness will be gone!! I did 20 minutes of the 90 minute program yesterday and did 40 minutes today. I'm hoping for an hour by next week :)

New Year's Eve Resolution #3: Yelling

I started this one right away and made it the first 24 hours without raising my voice once. Whew! Since then, I've yelled one time out of volume necessity (Jaina was across the room and couldn't hear me call for her) and spoken very sternly to my children 3 times. The first time, Jaina was pitching a fit about finishing her homework. The second time, Jayce erased one of Brian's files on the Wii. (he knew not to touch this particular file, too!), and the third time was two nights ago when I came *this* close to yelling at my kids to go to sleep after hearing them talk, laugh, giggle, and yell loudly for 1.5 hours in bed. So, this one will continue to be a work in progress. I'm more aware of my volume and tone with my kids and I think that is helping tremendously!

New Year's Resolution #4: Save money for Christmas

Technically, I am only saving $20 a month and only have to have the money in my envelope by the end of the month, so this one hasn't started yet :)

Okay, so there you have it. I feel like I've started the year off with some good intentions and we are making positive life changes in our family :)

And because I think posts without pictures are boring, here's one I took of my daughter Jaina, age 7, a few days ago:


  1. LOVE the clarity in the picture! You will soon find how therapeutic it can be to be able to get your thoughts out. It's like a diary only a lot of people read it. gulp*

  2. I love blogging, never did I ever think that anyone would follow it, but I am inspired to really get it going this year. I am trying to learn more about photography so I can post more pictures. I have yet to ever say much about myself and my daily life, but that too will come with time.

  3. I love it too, just started in October:) It's so fun, I don't really watch tv anymore, lol!

  4. Now that I think about did I find your blog? Anyway, I'm glad I did, and I'm loving the New Year's Resolutions. Particularly the saving for Christmas and the no yelling. My personal goal for today? I didn't say "No No Sisaye!" Not even once. Apparently, I do that alot since D has started shaking his finger at her and yelling it at the top of his lungs. Youch. So I hear you on the yelling bit.

  5. You can grab my button if you want! But I'm not fanatical about that stuff. I still need to work on the yelling myself.

    P.S. Good to know you think posts with no pics are boring. I may have to be better at adding photos.

  6. First off, your recipe sounds easy and yummy --definitely one to try after the January madness is over!

    THANK YOU for having my button up on your blog! =) I would be more than happy to make a button for you, if you like. I don't do graphics, but can work with mainly with photos (like mine)... Just email me.

    The yelling thing? Ugh. That's the hardest thing for me. It drives me up the wall when I have to repeat things 100x each time --esp. with J, and then my volume gets increasingly loud. And then I feel so bad afterwards.

  7. I found you from mckmama's blog frog community, specifically your name caught my attn because I see we use the same b/c.

    (correction: you posted a comment on Trenches of Mommyhood's post about the b/c topic)

    Anyway, I love what I see here on your blog, and am interested to read more. My youngest (seemingly the same age or near the same age as your youngest) also has sensory issues, so I can relate to that a bit. ONly a bit! He's not in therapy at the moment....

    Just had to say Hi! and glad I popped over to take a peek.


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