My son, future underwear model

You just never know where inspiration will strike.

Jayce and I had just gotten out of our respective showers and bath tubs the other morning before school when I was struck at how good the lighting is in my bathroom in the morning. Why can't any of my other rooms in my house face let the morning sun in that way?

Anyway, Jayce was in the process of getting dressed (with assistance) and "spiking" his hair. He absolutely loves mousse and hair gel. Well, honestly, he loves all things having to do with body care like mouth wash and lotion and bath salts and nail polish, too. But that's for another post :)

In that moment, I noticed how the light in the bathroom made his eyes sparkle and how adorable he looked with his spiky styled hair. "Stay here, Jayce! Let me run get my camera!"

I streaked half-way dressed through the living room into the kitchen to find the place where I left my camera last. Whoops! No memory card. Raced back into my bedroom to grab another card. Back into the bathroom hoping that Jayce hadn't finished getting dressed.

"Can I take a picture of your spiky hair, Jayce?"

"My spiky hair? NO!" he replied with a smile. "That's silly! Take a picture of Buzz Lightyear!"

"Buzz Lightyear? Oh! Your underwear! You want me to take a picture of your underwear? Okay!"

Then, before I knew it, my silly boy had taken off his underwear!

"Jayce! I can't take a picture of that! Put your underwear back on please!

So, if you were wondering what Jayce was grinning so big at in yesterday's picture, now you know it was just his underwear.

He finally got it back on and let me take Buzz Lightyear's picture.

I love you my silly boy!

Do you think he has a future as an underwear model?


  1. So funny! So cute. He could dominate the male underware profession. And swimsuit, too.

  2. Those were the cutest photos! He may just grow up to be an underwear model. lol! I cannot wait to get my new camera. What kind of camera do you use? Your photos are always so nice.

  3. aww, he's so cute, he looks great with his hair longer!

    I agree, there is always one room in the house that has great lighting. Mine is in my bedroom or sometimes the kitchen, depending on time of day. BUt the kitchen is not conducive for photos, too ugly!

    Great photos

  4. for sure!!! love the pics, first one is my fave.

  5. Great pictures, he looks like a future underwear model to me!

  6. He could do Hanes commercials with Michael Jordan!

  7. Anonymous10:18 PM

    He is adorable! Love the spiky hair! When TRex was little he would want his hair like that and called it "Sharkboy Hair".

  8. So cute! Great photos! I can't wait to get started. : )

  9. This is fabulous! he is adorable!

  10. oh my goodness these pictures are adorable! what a cute little underwear model :)

  11. Too Funny!! My son is always wanting to run around in just his undies!


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