Our messy laid back weekend :)

Its not often that I can call a weekend "laid back" 'round here! But boy did we need one. Normally our weekends are packed with Mom's Night Outs or Book Clubs or adult parties with Brian's co-workers or children's birthday parties and sports games and cleaning and more cleaning and some more cleaning and spend the night guests and grocery shopping and a Costco run and 5 loads of laundry. Whew! By the time Monday rolls around, we need another weekend!

This past weekend brought a clear calendar. On Friday night, Jayce got to spend the night at Gray's house to spend some one-on-one time with her. Brian took us girls out to Applebee's where Jaina and I shared a delicious steak and shrimp meal. She might only be 7, but she has great taste in food!

On Saturday, Brian changed the oil in the cars before attending Jaina's basketball game.

Cheerleading went very well this week! The girls seemed much more confident and were loud enough to be heard over the yelling of the games. I didn't get any pictures of the entire team because my mom was busy with Jayce (and Brian just refuses to take pictures). During 1/2 time, I snagged a shot of each of the girls before they went out on the court. One day, I'll get my mom to take video of their 1/2 time cheers.

The rest of Saturday was spent running random errands and eating left overs. Not exciting by any standards, but very nice to us!

Brian may be a computer programmer by day, but he moonlights as a cleaning lady on the weekends. He had a client's house to clean today so the kids and I were on our own.

And you know what they say... while the cat is away....

We ate Fun Dip:


Then the kids painted little wooden vehicles:

At first glance, Jayce impressed me with picking an appropriate single color to paint his bus. 

But as soon as I gave him black for the wheels, it soon became "the poopy colored bus".

Jaina picked a car to paint:


After painting came play-doh! Lots of play-doh! Then we baked chocolate chip cookies (not from scratch!) to boot.

My kids were in heaven and Daddy never even knew since he was gone. Well, that is until the kids told him about the fun dip. He was not happy that we ate that in the house. At least I made them sit at the kitchen table! It was 30 degrees and raining today. I wasn't about to make them eat it on the porch!  Sometimes I wish he's just get over his cleanliness issues and just deal with the fact that kids like to make messes! And... shocking, I know... if we make a mess.... we can just... gasp... clean it up! I know, I know, I know.. what a novel idea!

All teasing my husband aside (he reads my blog sometimes and it never hurts to poke fun once in a while), we really did have a lovely weekend.

I hope yours was lovely as well :) Did you guys do anything fun and exciting?


  1. Oh Jess you know I love seeing pictures of your beautiful babies (I guess they really aren't babies are they, lol) So I left you an award on my blog, check it out!


  2. You are so good at doing such creative things with your kiddos. Hope I am when mine are old enough.

  3. Laid back weekends are the best! Ours was not so laid back, because we had to take J to a party on an island (and I hate ferry rides!), but it was loads of fun. :)

  4. you did have a nice weekend!
    we did have a visitor on Friday night so we had a fun dinner out and some late night visiting. saturday brought chore day :) and Ashley's first basketball game which was pretty funny! She's playing with all her girlfriends so its fun, but she would probably rather be cheering like Jaina!!

  5. I love your blog. I too have an Upwards girl~

  6. Very nice! 1st time visiting your blog - I like it! :)

  7. Looks like a fun weekend! I can't wait till my kids are old enough to do craft like that.


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