No Snow for us

We've been watching the forecast all week in anticipation of some snowy precipitation predicted for yesterday.

Every single day that we watched the weather, the weatherman warned us of the potential for rain/sleet/icy mix/ and snow that was headed our way for Thursday afternoon or evening.

The clouds came rolling in yesterday around 4 o' clock. I just *looked* like snow. It smelled damp and crisp like snow. The temperature was in the low 40's, but expected to dip down into the 20's by midnight.

I played phone tag with all the cheerleading parents all afternoon. "Is practice on? What if it starts to snow? Are we sure the church gym is open?"

We checked the forecast again on The Weather Channel. It said "rain/snow mix by 8 PM". Jaina exclaimed, "Can we stay up! Can we please stay up! I want to see it snow!"

I saw on Facebook where it was actually snowing (but not sticking) at many homes in the Atlanta area where I grew up. And since we commonly get Atlanta's weather, I was pretty certain we'd wake up to snow this morning.

Jaina and Jayce went to bed disappointed, but very hopeful.

They woke up at 5:45 to a cold, dry, no snow in sight, yard.

Jaina said, "Can I have a snow day anyway and stay home?"

Jayce said, "I think it will snow later, mommy. Yes, later. See those clouds?" (There were no clouds.)

We turned on the TV and saw that the North Carolina mountains, just a mere 45 minutes away from us, stole all the snow meant for us.

"YOU MEAN ASHLAN GOT SNOW!?" Jaina exclaimed when she heard the news.

Eek. Um, sorry Jaina. North Carolina is a big state. And just because one part of it gets snow, doesn't mean the whole state gets snow. We got out the map and I showed her where it did snow and where her best friend lives. No where near each other, I'm afraid.

So now she is doubly disappointed. And has to go to school and take her spelling test on top of all that.

I think she'll be okay though :)


  1. Aww, that is such a sweet photo!

    J and Z have both been telling me, "I wish it would snow here in HK." Said in voices that make me wish that I have the power to make it snow here!

  2. If it helps I live in NC and the snow they predicted in my area never happened either. I was not to sad about it, but the grands were very disappointed. We did get rain, and it is going to be really cold this week-end, without a cloud in sight.

  3. Jess, I'm laughing my butt off over here in cold, snowy Montreal! Your kids are adorable and they deserve a winter trip here :) There is so much to introduce them to.... We would go skating on an outdoor rink, snowshoeing, tobogganing, dog sledding, and then we'd build a fort and have a snowball fight! C'mon, get Brian on board and plan a crazy Winter vacation in the North! Hot chocolate tastes soooo much better when it is really cold out!

  4. How disappointing! I lived for snow days as a kid. I hope you get some at some point this winter.

  5. Bummer! Wish I could send some of the white stuff over to you.

    I took your advice and snoozed and nursed with the baby beside me. I'm feeling much, much better.

    Hope to see you SOON!

  6. Sadly, we never see snow! Well, not never, it has made the very infrequent and strange appearance around here...but we usually never get snow. We are, however, driving up north in a week to take the kiddos sledding.

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