Tantrum Tuesday

Oh, I really hope tantrums won't be a reoccurring theme every Tuesday in my house. Yet, so far, every day has been a "tantrum day"for the past few weeks.

Some days its Jayce, in his not-so-typical 4 year old style. Like when I tell him he's got to put the DS down or turn the Wii off.

More often, though, its Jaina. Just the littlest thing has been setting her off lately. Like when her Daddy promised to get her a Snuggie at Walmart on Sunday, only to find out they were out of kid sizes. My demanding 7 year old then ordered us quickly to another store so she could get one that day. When her parents didn't take kindly to her orders, a full out tantrum ensued. Jaina has yet to receive her coveted Snuggie since I plainly told her that she would not see one until her attitude improved.

Even Brian has a tantrum sometimes. Usually when the kids make a mess or someone made a mistake on a program at work that he's got to fix. He's definitely not afraid to let everyone and their brother know exactly how he feels that he was wronged.

However, if we were going to be giving prizes for "most tantrums" here in the Walker household, I'm afraid I may take the cake in this department. My tantrums may not be the kicking and screaming and crying kind (well, there are tears sometimes), but they are out-of-control moments where I let my anger get the best of me.

I've been extremely frustrated with Jayce's new therapy team. Actually, its not the therapy team I'm upset with, its the supervisor. I have never dealt with a more unprofessional and unorganized coordinator in my entire autism experience. And I just don't have any patience for imperfection when it comes to getting services for my son. If you tell me that you are going to do "X" on such and such a day, you'd better mean it. Because that's going in my planner and on my calendar and my schedule will now revolve around it. And if said appointment is going to be rescheduled, I will need advanced notice. And no, I don't feel like *I* should be the one to have to track down this information and confirm. Okay, rant over!

I'm also having a silent temper tantrum about the fact that I can't get an appointment with my OB/GYN's office where I see Certified Nurse Midwives for all my OBGYN needs. Now, I realize that most woman would not mind skipping their yearly exam every now and then. But I have an agenda! I need to go ahead and have my yearly done so I can go ahead and get my appointment for my IUD removal scheduled. As a compromise with my husband, I have patiently waited these 5 years with that thing in and now I want it out!! NOW!!

Hmm... wonder where my kids get it??

That's what I love about blogging. The journaling aspect of it. The self discovery. I am so much more aware of my actions and attitudes when I type them out. I need to stop my tantrums. I need to take a deep breath, stay in control, be patient, and remember my manners.

And maybe when I learn these things, I'll be able to teach them to my kids as well :)

Oh, and because I don't like to blog without pictures (but don't mind reading other's blogs without pictures), here are a few candids of Jayce from  yesterday morning :)





  1. I was a single parent of 3 children with a full time job. I lost my temper often, and learned to give myself a 'mommy time-out' when I felt the need to scream about something. I would tell my children I was going to sit on the front porch for 5 minutes to avoid yelling at them. It worked pretty well for me. I hope you find your 'fix' for your stress. It is not easy when you have stress in your life that you have no way to control. Take a deep breathe, it will get better.

  2. *hugs* and best wishes for a miracle available appointment

  3. By design or not, that first pic of Jayce is awesome. His eyes perfectly matched the details on the cover.

    Tantrums? I have my share. Definitely not proud of them and they're on my list of things to work at.

  4. Tantrums are good for the soul... one time I acted exactly like Ally was doing throwing a tantrum... it made her laugh so hard... now if I start copying her she will start laughing... or scream at me to stop and run in the other room... I think paretns should get to throw tantrums too!!!

  5. Oh those eyes! Those beautiful eyes of his. Divine. Simply divine.

    I think everyone throws tantrums in their own little way, but it is just easier for us to see it in other people. And I agree about blogging helping one be more aware of one's feelings and actions. Marvelous tool! If only I would actually make the changes I see need to be made. But that is why I blog... so I can procrastinate self improvement just a little bit longer ;)

  6. Great pictures. I am with you on people doing what they say when they say it! Also with you on not giving into tantrum behavior. Like when my oldest(5 at the time) asked for popcorn at a home and garden show. He got it, then decided he'd rather have ice cream. I said no, you already have popcorn. He huffed over and trashed the popcorn. I simply said "well now you have nothing." Lesson learned.

  7. Great post Jesse,

    I love and appreciate your honesty. We have all been there. Your frustration, however, seems entirely justifiable! Best of luck. And in case I haven't mentioned it recently, you are such a talented photographer.

    Also, I think it's kind of awesome that Jaina wants a snuggie!

  8. both my kids at a tantrum and melt down Saturday night...both crying hysterically and Justin wouldn't get off the floor. (we were out in public) It was the worst night.

  9. I have a friend who has an autistic son who will play two to three video games at one time. It cracks me up! I wonder why or rather HOW they can do it but he certainly can.

    And I'm glad to see that it's not just my seven year old who gets rather demanding and throws fits that resemble that of when he was two. It's good to know that I am not alone in this world.

    PS - Your family is beautiful.


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