A New Year... a Clean Fridge.

Oh, our lives are just so exciting! We started the year off with my husband's absolute favorite activity during holidays; cleaning out the fridge and freezer.

We start by taking all the food out:

And then we pull all the food out of the freezer.

Just look at how happy this makes my husband.

Just so happens, that while Brian was cleaning the fridge, I was catching up on some posts at APU and saw that my friend Bonnie was asking a question about cleaning behind and under her stove. I made the comment that even my clean freak of a husband didn't move appliances to clean under them unless we are moving (or getting a new one!) for some reason. My APU friends were a little shocked that there was something that Brian *didn't* clean.

Yes, because my internet friends were so aghast at Brian not cleaning under appliances, he had to do it. Just because he LOVES being known online for being the clean freak that he is.

And did you know what we found behind there?

A blue whistle.

That's it.

No magnets, no Leap Frog fridge letters, no matchbox cars, no bouncy balls.

I was seriously shocked at that!

Anyway, we are starting our year out with a clean fridge. What did you guys do on New Year's Day? I really hope it was much more exciting than our day!


  1. Ha! I just did this exact same thing today!! I found a drawing behind the fridge that the little girl who lived in the house before us must have drawn over two years ago. And cleaned up lots of pie filling in the freezer that must have spilled over from pies I made last year! It definitely needed to be cleaned--felt good!

  2. Wow, is that something they taught at Winthrop? Bc apparently, Kiley missed that class.

  3. He wouldn't have known if you hadn't told him!

  4. he is like my husband. He is constantly cleaning out the fridge and freezer and rearranging. Drives me nuts at times!

  5. If only I could make my husband this happy! (-:

    Here's wishing you a happy and clean new year!!!

  6. Can you send him my way? LOL.

    My sister in law came over the other and cleaned my fridge for me while I was sick. It was the best gift ever because I couldn't even open the door without gagging.

  7. we went sledding in salt lake city with some of josh's family...one day i'll blog about it :)
    just had to say that i LOVE your new header.....

  8. How funny is that?!? I am the clean freak of our marriage, yet I am not a clean person. I am a cluttered person with aspirations of cleanliness and my husband is a complete packrat. Lucky, lucky you. And I am amazed that all you found underneath your fridge was a whistle. Amazing!

  9. Sounds beautiful to me... there can't be anything much more beautiful than a clean fridge! :o)


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