Upward Cheerleading Game 2

Another Saturday, another basketball game for our girls to cheer at!

This time, the girls had learned a total of 8 cheers and 4 chants. I had also taught them 4 basic jumps at the last practice.

But they seemed nervous!

The girls had a hard time remembering their "left" verses their "right" hands. They also had a hard time staying together on beat. Almost all the girls had to be reminded each time of how the cheer started.

I think for this week's practice, we'll not learn any new cheers. We'll just go over and over and over the old cheers.

Jaina had fun, though, and that's what counts.

She's made so many new friends on the squad!

Gray also came to cheer on her grandaughter cheerleader.

When we got home, I asked Jaina if I could grab her photo one time before she changed clothes. Florescent light is never your friend, despite having a pre-set white balance on your camera for it.

That might be one of my favorite pictures of Jaina this month!

Oh, and don't you just LOVE her hair bow? My new blogging friend Robin over at Lolidots made it for us. She rocks! Thank you!!!


  1. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Love it! What an awesomely beautiful little model for my bows! She may be the cutest little cheerleader I've seen!

  2. That last shot is just gorgeous!

    Those girls all looked super cute in their cheerleading uniforms. :)

  3. I love that last shot too! Is that a 50mm?


  5. Your blog is beautiful and so are your kids! I'm looking forward to having my own little cheerleaders some day :)

  6. I agree, the last shot is perfect!

  7. looks like fun, makes me wish I had a girl. Girls are so much prettier and cuter to dress up.....

    I know that sounds crazy, but boys you can only so much with *sigh*.

    Great photos as always. What lens is this? I am forcing myself to use my 50mm more instead of my 30mm.

    By the way, I checked out the winners on I heart faces, I guess you need to be a pro to win any of their contests. It will make me work that much harder to take a better photo. My photos have been falling flat lately, due to the higher ISO's I have to shoot with. I need to get into Strobe lighting to add more depth. Sometimes I can only work so much with natural light.

    You seem to have an abundance of natural light in your home.

    Thanks for your supporting comment on my blog. xoxo :)

  8. Oh my goodness, what a beauty, and what a fun thing for those girls. I absolutely love it!


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