Happy Birthday Sunshine!

Last Friday was a very special day in our home.

Jaina informed me that it was her Zhu Zhu pet's very first birthday. I informed her that if I made a cake every time a stuffed animal had a birthday, I would have to start buying my cake mix at Costco.

She assured me that she would handle all the party details. All I'd have to do is show up. And bring my camera, she instructed. Sounds good to me!

The guest list included Sunshine, the birthday hamster, Jaina, me, and Jayce. Jayce knows that birthday parties mean candy, so he was all about attending.

There was, however, a party crasher. How rude for an uninvited guest to come try to steal food from the table!

Happy Birthday Sunshine! May your batteries live another year!


  1. That is so cute, it made me smile. I like the part about Jayce attending because he knew a party d means candy would be served. I love the uninvited guest too!

  2. Happy Birthday Sunshine! And the party crasher is a pretty cute non human too :)

  3. Seriously, so cute! That made my morning!

  4. That is so sweet. Thanks for the sunshine...love the colors and lighting.

    I want to get a ZHu Zhu pet for Justin....they really want a Guniea pig in real life.

  5. Super cute!! Happy Birthday Sunshine! Looks like it was a fabulous one. =)

  6. How fun! I love that she threw a party for her stuffed animal!

  7. You take really fabulous photos. I am really enjoying your blog.


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