10 on Tuesday

When I don't have time for "real" posts, I guess I have to sink to numbered lists of my random thoughts. I'm sure this is a meme somewhere out in blogland, but I'm too lazy to link up with others today :)

1. Today is Tuesday which means I have to take Jayce to therapy at the hospital. I look forward to this time every week when I steal his DS and try to beat the castles on The New Super Mario Brothers DS game. Wish me luck on World 7 today!

2. I'm currently reading "Time Traveler's Wife" for my book club. Except that we are supposed to be reading "A Reliable Wife" instead. I'm a little behind.

3. I was supposed to take pictures throughout my day to show the world (and my husband) how I spend my time during the day. Except I didn't, because I didn't have time.

4. I did, however, have time to shoot portraits of some pretty special kids at the Family Connections Prince and Princess Tea Party. Jayce was invited to attend as well... except I was worried about his potential behavior there while I was busy shooting. If you can't take your kid with autism to a Special Needs event, where can you take them?

5. I can't stand Enrique Iglesias' new song on the radio, "I Like It". I turn the station every time it comes on. Which is every 5 minutes, it seems.

6.  Tonight I get to attend a performance at the Peace Center in Greenville. "A Special Evening with Jason Mraz". Swoooon. I'm sitting 10 rows back, front and center. I hope he won't be able to see me drool.

7. Today is my husband's birthday.

8. I am NOT taking him with me to see Jason Mraz. I'm going with my friend Patty. Brian gets to stay home with the kids. And take them to soccer practice. And cook them dinner. Have fun!

9. Ugh, I just realized that I promised Jaina I'd set up the Wiggles Tent.

10. I've been watching E's "50 greatest child stars" while I've been typing this. I could have been watching Days of Our Lives this entire time, but this show was more appealing at the moment.

And now for some Jason Mraz to get us all in the mood for tonight....

and my favorite song...


  1. Just found your blog and I love it! I love your photos particularly!

  2. Great videos, but I love the pictures of the soccer game! Beautiful orange colors! They truly pop!

  3. I was sitting here nodding along with you but I got to #5, I actually said "hell yes" outloud. I truly hate that song as well. What happened to sexy "I can be your hero" Enrique? And why do the local radio stations insist on playing that song all.the.time?

  4. Your blog really makes me smile! Your dog is cute and you and your kids sound so busy. Keep up the positive attitude and great stories.

    I want to share a link to another blog I read occasionally called Mission Possible. It is written by a mother with two boys, one of whom has autism. You might like some of the tips there!


  5. Thanks for sharing Jason Mraz's music -- I LOVE it!!! :)


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