TIME... where did it go?

Back in early August, I had only one thing on my mind.


I was going to have SO MUCH TIME to do all the things I wanted to do when school started. I was going to blog every day. Eat ice cream on the couch while I watched Days of our Lives. Workout for an hour every day. Keep up all the laundry and dishes so I would just be able to play with the kids after school. I was going to make two phone calls for my part time job every day, as not to get behind. I was looking forward to painting the master bathroom. To organize my closet. To volunteer at the Consignment sale. To eat lunch with all my friends. To attend MOMS Club activities.

Well, let me just tell you... after a month of my children being in school full time, I still have yet to do 1/2 of that stuff on my list. I've watched DAYS a total of 3 times (and I was certainly not eating ice cream while I watched.) Sometimes I'm not even home to do laundry until the kids are home from school. Actually, I have a load in the dryer waiting to be folded and a load in the washer right this minute.  I am behind in work. Its already the 17th and I've only connected with 5 out of my 12 families.

Where is my TIME going?

I think, on Monday, I am going to carry my camera around with me throughout my day to document how I really spell my time.

As for now, I see its time to go make dinner. I have nothing ready. Sounds like a soup night!

This weekend is going to be crazy, so I'll have lots to post about next week :) Our second soccer game, Consignment sale, and Brian's birthday party are tomorrow!


  1. i don't understand it either jess. taking photos helps slow it down a smidge.. it's like pressing pause for just a moment. i'm sure you can relate, but still, it all goes by so quickly. if you ever figure it out, let me know ;)

    enjoy your weekend!

  2. I totally hear you. With my little one starting 3 days a week preschool I thought I would have tons of time too! Have a great weekend!

  3. I have to write lists!!!

  4. I don't think there is ever enough time in a day. I count down until it is nap time to get my stuff done. Let me tell you, I don't get nearly enough done!

  5. I had a similar loong list when J was deployed. I had a whole year to accomplish the list and didn't get anything done!!! I just didn't realize how busy life would be during that time. I'm excited to see you photograph your day :)

    Thanks for the tips with the 50mm (f/4, manual focus, toggle focal points-am I getting this right?)...it makes me think it maybe isn't the right lens to have for kids???

  6. I'm totally feeling it with you, Jess!


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