Music on Main (in August)

So tired.

Kids up at 4:30 AM last night.

No internet in our house for days.

Laundry is endless.

Jayce has impetigo.

Jaina got moved down a reading level and cried.

Shaggy had surgery today.

Cycle Day Two.

Back to the old TTC drawing board... (if only I wasn't so tired.)


So, as you can tell, its been a week. And its only Wednesday. Oh, please, let it be Friday soon! I need a weekend! I need Labor Day to hurry up and rain its fun down on me. As for now, I'll just keep on truckin'. Cause that's what us moms do best.

I promise this post does have a purpose. I'm not allowing myself to upload any more pictures of my cute puppy Shaggy until I catch up a little on blogging. Without further ado, here's my crew last Thursday night at Music On Main :)

(those lovely people are our friends from England who were visiting for the week!)

Nothing ends Music on Main like Krispy Kreme donuts!

The end.

I'll update everyone tomorrow about Shaggy!


  1. You poor thing! What a stressful week! Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

  2. Poor Jaina. Things like that can really affect a kid - the Gig would have cried too. Music on Main looks like it was a lot of fun. I love Jaina's dress :) I hope your week gets less stressful.

  3. Krispy Kreme!!!!!!! I miss Krispy Kreme. They've closed down all their shops here a couple of years back. Guess people here are not much doughnut eaters. :(

    I love the processing you did on these photos! :)

  4. Monica10:51 PM

    Hang in there babe! Not only is the weekend almost here, the weather is supposed to be glorius! I hope you have some fun, outdoor plans.

  5. Yum Krispy Kreme...:) Love that place. Cute shots of your kiddos!

  6. Great pictures! You are such a great photographer! There's always such a dreamy look to your pictures!
    The kids are beautiful! Hope things get easier soon!


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