13 days after surgery

I took Shaggy in for his suture removal and leg check today.

Although he's still limping slightly, I'd say his energy level certainly has returned to normal :)

The surgeon explained that his recovery will be a "two steps forward, one step backwards" kind of experience.

We discovered this first hand as Shaggy fell running up the deck stairs last Sunday and hurt his leg again :(

He didn't use it for a full 24 hours. I was honestly scared that he would need surgery again.

But thankfully, he's doing just fine. It might take a few months for him to stop limping and realize that his leg really is okay to use now. He's been used to only having 3 good legs his entire life.

I'd say he's in good hands :)


  1. Glad to see he's feeling better!

  2. yay! jaina looks in heaven with that dog :)

    as i was reading some of your older posts b/c i haven't had time to read blogs in a while :( i was thinking about jaina and her reading. and maybe this is old news to you, but what kind of books is she trying to read? i was worried that Ashley wasn't going to love reading and I so wanted her to, but it just took the right kind of books. for her, its a few things - the animal books, like the puppy place series, the fairy books by daisy meadows, and recently she has found a few others. the tiara club and i can't remember the one she had tonight. anyway, maybe you've already tried that but ashley is hooked now and reads a minimum of 30 minutes a night and is loving it. just a thought :) and for mitchel, well, i bribed him with breakfasts out just he and I b/c we can't seem to find any books that kid likes :)

  3. I'm so glad Shaggy is doing well. I definitely agree - he is in good hands!

  4. YAY! He's a happy puppy. :)

  5. Glad he's doing better! Cute shots!

  6. i love Shaggy! and i love you guys! see you tomorrow!


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