Biltmore House

Labor day weekend typically finds our family cleaning something. Yeah, we're that fun! Brian's holiday cleaning regime includes baseboards, windows (inside and out), and his all-time favorite activity: cleaning the fridge.

I am happy to report that we did not clean ONE thing this entire weekend! Well, okay, Brian did mow the lawn and wash the cars. But *I* didn't clean anything, so it still counts :)

Instead, we went up to Asheville, North Carolina to visit one of the great historic landmarks of the South: Biltmore House.

All 250 rooms in its original splendor.

The gardens and the grounds were breathtaking as well.

As were the statues that surrounded the home

No photographs were allowed to be taken inside the house, unfortunately. That's okay. We all know how I do with flash photography anyway :)

The kids did amazingly well at the house. Especially considering that they had to wait over 90 minutes in a line to even get on the shuttle bus to go see the house!

Okay, let me back up a bit or I'll never finish this post :)

We arrived at the estate just before lunch. Our tickets allowed us entry for the home tour at 1:45, so we had some time to kill before heading over. We chose to walk around Antler Hill Village until it was time to take the shuttle bus.

We took our chances at the Smoke House BBQ place. 2 plates of food and $35 dollars later, we were not terribly impressed with the quality of the "sampler" plates. Oh well! We know for next time!

The kids had a great time, though :)

More pictures to come later!


  1. I've never been to the Bilmore House during warm weather. Can't wait for more pics!

  2. Looks like a fun family trip. That house is beautiful and your kids are adorable too.

  3. Anonymous6:29 PM

    I like the picture of the two kids wearing the hats and "driving" the buggy. That is sooo cute!

  4. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Beautiful kids, flowers, house...what a great trip!

  5. OMG, beautiful!!! I've always wanted to go there, just never find myself in those parts. Now I know I need to go for sure.


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