As a mom, there are many decisions and choices to make. Natural birth or epidural? Breastfeeding or formula feeding? Vaccinate on schedule, delayed schedule, or not at all?

With those controversial topics, I do my research and then make a decision that best fits my family.

Some decisions are a "no brainer". Like, "Should I let my 3 year old play with the steak knife?" or "Do we have to use a car seat?" "Should I make my kids buckle up in the car every time?"

Then there are some things I just don't care about. Germs is one of them. I am not a germ-a-phobe by any means. Germs are everywhere. Good bacteria, bad bacteria, nasty viruses, mild viruses. I firmly believe you cannot live in a bubble. Of course, I try to do everything to make sure my children have healthy immune systems that help fight off these germs, but when they get sick, I don't really freak out about it.

Helmets are another decision that I really don't care about. Maybe because my children rarely ride their bikes or scooters? Maybe because they only ride them in the driveway and can't even possibly get up to speeds dangerous enough? Maybe because I personally have NEVER known a single child to die from a head trauma injury that could have been prevented by a helmet? If I had, maybe I would feel differently.

Don't get me wrong... I fully acknowledge that helmets are the safer way to go. I don't begrudge moms that insist on a helmet every time and everywhere. I know some moms might read this and freak out because I'm not putting my children's safety first. And I totally respect that opinion.

So, there's a point to all of this....

My husband bought a motorcycle a few weeks ago which has led to many a discussion about safety. My kids now like to point out all the "naughty" motorcyclists out on the roads that do not wear safe footwear, jackets, long pants, and of course, a helmet. "OOOOH! Look at that man! He's not safe! My daddy is always safe when he rides his motorcycle!"

This has prompted my children to want helmets of their own. And jackets. Even though its 82 degrees today and jacket weather is still far off. But they want to be safe.

I'm actually hoping these $20 helmets encourage my kids to ride their vehicles more often! Its just been way too hot this summer to get out and about like we do in the Spring and Fall.

So, when we do finally get jacket weather, please know that my kids will be wearing their helmets (finally).


  1. I hated wearing helmets when I was growing up, and I rarely wore one (my mom was pretty laid-back too). But this troubled my mom's cousin (who is like a second mother to me and my sibs) to no end. Reason being because she is a rehab nurse. At her job she saw nothing but children and adults with severe head injuries all day. So now my kids are getting to bike riding age (still not independent though), and all her nagging has me convinced that I should probably make the investment. At least its much more common for kids to wear them now, so they are much less likely to worry about being "dorky" because of them.

  2. I never wore a helmet growing up but the Inlaws made sure we had them for the kids as soon as they could crawl! Funny thing is that now...years later...the kids think they are so cool! Like it's part of a dress up game or something. I love that your kiddos are embracing safety at such a young age. You never know...could save their lives one day!

  3. I hated that my mom made me wear a helmet when I was riding my bike. I swear I was the only person who had to wear one and I thought it was so cruel.

    But then I flipped over my handlebars and smacked my head on the cement. My helmet had a huge crack down the side of it. That could have been my head! So after that I got a new helmet and didn't mind wearing it AS much, lol. So I will outfit my kids in helmets, even if they hate it.

  4. I usually make the kids wear a helmet when they ride their bikes or go off on their scooter... J likes to ride fast and sometimes he doesn't look where he's going and runs into things (and people!). Luckily they like wearing their helmets, but when it's super hot, I'm not as insistent and often times it's they themselves who tell me that they need to wear one! :)

  5. Glad you're keeping those little noggins safe! :)

  6. our "no helmet, no ride" rule stems, for me, from a very close call as a child. in a freak sequence of events, the chain on my bike came off the gears and got caught in the front wheel, making it jar to a stop. that sent me flying over my handlebars and i saw myself going head first towards the edge of the curb (no helmet of course) with no way to stop or redirect. i landed on my hands/arms/front within millimetres of the curb. my hands and jeans were torn to shreds. it was one of those moments that just sticks with you!

    anyway, it's not even an issue, we all just wear them. glad you all are too :) lovely photos as always.

  7. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Way to go for safety! Here in Ontario, Canada it's the law for kids on bikes, and for adults on motorcycles as well. We have bike helmets and motorcycle helmets in many sizes--I must say they take up a lot of room in the garage! But hubby is a police officer, so we obey the law around here!

    There is a large billboard near here and it has a watermelon with a huge chunk out of it. It says, "Protect your melon." Very effective.


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