Soccer Game One

Are you ready for this?

"Its JAYCEEEE Walker!!!!"

"And JAINA Walker!!!!!"

Games always start out with a roll call by an announcer while the kids run through the blow up tunnel when their name is called. With out fail, the announcer always pronounces Jayce's name wrong. "Jayce" is pronounced how its spelled: like "Chase" but with a "J". Quick, concise, to the point. And no, we never call him "Jay" for short. Because "Jay Walker" is just too humorous :)

But with Jacie becoming a more popular girl's name as of late, my son's name on paper seems to look like "Jaycee" instead of "Jayce". Which is okay. Technically, his name is Jayce Carrington, so we *could* call him J.C. for short. The most important thing is that Jayce totally doesn't care. He thinks of "Jaycee" as his soccer name :)

The only problem was receiving a female version of the trophy last year at the banquet. With his name on it. Whoops. (he's never noticed that his bronzed player sports a ponytail and a nice set of boobs. And we've never told him).

Maybe I will make a point to correct the announcer this season.

Anyway, off to some photos!!!

Jayce and Jaina played their games at exactly the same time yesterday. I had promised Jayce to stay at his until 1/2 time and then switch to Jaina's. Brian was supposed to do the opposite. Our neighbors and my mom were supposed to float back and forth between the games.

I'm so glad I got shots of Jayce first because he started out the first period with tons of enthusiasm.

Then it was his turn to sit out for a bit.

Then its back to the action!

I'm just loving the smiles that I captured while he was on the field! He's honestly improved 200%, as my mom said. He was aware of where the ball was the entire time. He actively tried to control it and kick it. He knew which direction the goal was at. Only once did he come off the field to give me a high five when the game was still on :)

You could tell he was getting pretty tired by the end of the 3rd period. I'm not quite sure how he did the 2nd half of the game because I had gone down to Jaina's by then.

Jaina's a lucky girl :) Two of her bestest friends are on her team this year.

I love these next two photos:

I hope to goodness he wasn't asking which direction their goal was!

It was a good game :)

But when it was over, Jaina was pretty mad.

"I THOUGHT you said Daddy was supposed to watch my game first!!"

While I was following the established rules of whose game to attend, my husband was not. He left Jaina's game several times during the first half to go watch Jayce's. My mom seemed to forget that Jaina's game was going on at the same time and didn't go over to Jaina's until her last period. It seemed to her as though everyone was always at Jayce's field.

Sigh. Thankfully the next games are played at different times and there will be no switching back and forth for the games. But we'll have to come up with a different system for when this happens again.

And in between plays, I managed to grab a couple of shots of the little siblings that are too young to play yet :)

I'm so thrilled that soccer season has officially begun!!


  1. Your photographs are beautiful, they have such a great uniform!! Thanks for your advice on nap time, I need all the help I can get. LOL

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM

    I hope you also have the wonderful fall weather to be out outside and enjoy the soccer games. I had fun going to John's HS football game Friday just because it was so nice outside. I love fall sports!

    And, as always, the pictures Rock!

  3. My husband and I are coaching soccer this year and it is so much fun! Watching the kids get excited and into the game is amazing. One of our teams had their first game yesterday and the other two teams have their first games next Saturday. I can't wait!

  4. These shots are SO cute! :)

  5. Great job J.C.! lol My Mack's real name is McA and that's always so confusing! They look like they were having a great time!
    Football started for my oldest this week and next Saturday, the little two have their soccer jamboree games. Two different teams this year! Yikes! It's going to get crazy around here!

  6. These photographs are beautiful!!! I wanted to play soccer when I was younger, but our school didn't offer it. I'm hoping the girls will get into it, though.

    You have a great blog and you always take the time to check out my blog...For all of that I have an award waiting for you at my blog :)

  7. i love it jess. they look so happy, and just as importantly, YOU sound so happy too!

  8. It's so entertaining to watch these kids play soccer. I love that they get to run through the big blow-up. That looks fun.

  9. These are wonderful pictures!!

    I just love soccer games for the kids. I wish Zoe's is outdoors instead of at the gym, but it's just way too hot outdoors for us.

    I got a chuckle out of Jay Walker. :)


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