Life is Good.

That pretty much sums it all up :)

Life has been pretty good to us Walkers lately. No complaints found here! :)

I thought I'd take a minute and update you on some of the important every day stuff that's been going on.

Shaggy came through his surgery like a champ.

But he did have to wear the "Collar of Shame" for a bit.

The day after surgery was a bit rough. He laid around lot, which was to be expected.

But, after a week, he's acting like he's never even had a hurt leg.

Other than that, I've been doing a TON of reading :) Jayce took a picture of me engrossed in Mockingjay. Yep, this is pretty much how you find me lately :) I'm now reading The Time Traveler's Wife and am totally engrossed.

We've also been hanging out with our neighbors a lot. Pretty much every single weekend :) Brian snapped a picture of me and Jaina in their yard a couple of weeks ago.

The kids are doing marvelous in school, I'm happy to report!

Jayce had a bit of a rough start with his inability to sit through various classroom activities. After discovering that the typical behavior chart thing doesn't work on Jayce, his teacher came up with a way to instantly reward him for every time she caught him sitting nicely. It worked! And now, after two weeks, he has rows and rows of stamps and stickers on his sheet. We celebrated the first week with Chuck E. Cheese. I have yet to figure out what this past week's big reward is going to be. Now that he can sit, we'll work on him staying in line when walking. I love that his teacher is working so well with us!

Jaina continues to love her class, but is discouraged about her current reading level. Her teacher called me in for a conference to discuss a few things. Number one... lack of motivation. Jaina told me today that she could care less if she gets A's on her report card or on her tests. Umm..... I don't want to bribe her to get good grades, but I am sorely disappointed with her lack of intrinsic motivation.

Also concerning is her lack of enthusiasm for reading. Sigh. Is she really my child? But yet she doesn't like to read? I'm trying not to make a big deal about it and make her feel pressured. Its really hard!

In good news, though, her math scores on addition and subtraction have improved! Just in time for multiplication! Bring on those times tables!

So, there ya have it! Our life recapped. I have a billion blog posts started in my head and pictures to go along with them, yet can never find the time. Maybe next week!

Have a great weekend!


  1. The sart of a new school year is always fun... NOT! It took my kids weeks to settle into a good routine. Eli is a straight A student... but I'd give him an 'F' for effort. Yana gets B's and C's but she tries so hard... I'd give her an A for effort.
    Ezra's in prep this year and has suprised us all by sitting still and not talking in class... I thought they'd have problems with her.
    I got some eciting news yesterday... Eli' won a comp and is going to model for Target Australia. Cool aye.

  2. Glad you all are doing well. Yay for stickers! The studies will all come along once they realize that futures x,y, and z depend on the grades they receive and information they absorb before they get there. Best wishes :)

  3. Awe, I am glad your puppy is getting better! He is SO cute!!!

  4. glad to hear it all!

    (your pup has the most adorable, quizzical ears!)

  5. well, you know. minus the bits about jayce and jaina struggling, i'm not glad to hear that. (sigh... do you ever mean a comment one way, then when you see it in words, it just looks all wrong?).. but i'm certain you'll work through these things as you always do.

  6. Great pictures as always! I finished Mockingjay about a week ago. It was my least favorite of the three. What did you think?
    Let me know how you like The Time Traveler's Wife, I've looked at it several times. If it's worth reading, I'd love to know!

  7. Glad to hear that Jayce's doing well. :) It makes such a difference the kind of teacher our children gets.


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