"I want to go to Chad and Tiffany's!"

Our kids say this a lot.

Like, every day.

No, its not a really cool restaurant. Nor an indoor play place.

Its not a clothing store, toy store, or an ice cream parlor.

Its simply Chad and Tiffany's house, just 2 houses up the street from us.

We absolutely love our neighbors :) I might be biased, but I do believe we have the best street in the entire neighborhood as well. Everyone is so friendly. Lori, who lives across the street is the kids' piano teacher. Brenda, next to Lori, has a granddaughter with special needs and we see each other at therapy all the time. Cindy buys girl scout cookies from us each year. Nadia brings us flowers and fresh herbs from her garden. Keith and Maryann, the retired couple that lives next door to us, treat our children like their own grandchildren.

And then there's Mike and Karen, Amy and Dusty, James and Laura, and Chad and Tiffany. These are married couples around our own age that are always good for a game of darts, a movie, or a cold beer.

Even though Chad and Tiffany are still newlyweds and don't yet have children of their own, they have certainly been getting some practice with our kids! Jayce and Jaina think they hung the moon just for them :) And they go out of the way to treat our children extra special :)

We must like them a lot because they convinced us to sign up for Fantasy Football.

Yep.  Us.

We tried explaining that we know NOTHING about football. Or, really, any sport. But they made it sound so fun that we agreed :)

Here are some photos from the other night. I usually forget to bring my camera when I'm hanging out with the neighbor gang but I remembered this time!

This is Jane. She's a 1 year old pit bull mix that Chad and Tiffany rescued from a bunch of teenage stoners. Her name used to be Mary Jane.

I love how excited Jane gets when my kids walk through their door.

The kids brought their own dogs and toys to play with as well.

Someone gave Tiffany a pepper plant that wasn't looking so hot (ha!). She nursed it back to health (um, gave it some water and forgot to take it outside) and its produced some pretty great looking peppers. Brian looked up the kind online and discovered that it was one of the hottest versions of peppers that you can grow. He then proceeded to eat one. Cause he's crazy like that.

Here's Chad being manly and manning the grill. I keep telling Brian that its good for him to hang out with such a manly influence :)

I don't think Brian's sprayed water on our (fake) burgers, like, ever.

So, we hung out on the porch after eating some kickass ranch burgers (with real beef! And no... Brian did not have one). And then the sun started to go down and there went my lighting.

Remember why I post some pictures in black and white? Yeah, its because I suck at creating a custom white balance on my camera.

So just pretend that I am being artsy, okay?

This is Kerah... she belongs to James and Laura. She is such a doll baby!

And speaking of babies, our neighbor's friends also came to sign up for FF and they brought their 3 month old baby with them. Ah... baby toes!

She had fluorescent orange nail polish on her toes. You can just take my word for it.

Kerah wasn't so sure why her mommy was holding this said baby. But over all, she was okay with it.

Oh, look. There's a goof. In a superhero shirt. Imagine that.

Then it was time to move the party into the garage for some serious player pickin'!

Brian picked his fantasy team not on stats or rankings. Nope, he picked them based on how ridiculous their name sounded. Oh, and he had to have some player named "Kevin Smith" cause he just loves the actor/director of the same name.

But can that Smith guy play football? Um. I certainly hope so for Brian's sake!

And here's our talented Vanna White for the evening :)

She had the awesome job of writing down everyone's picks. And making sure there were no duplicates.

Kerah helps her mom and dad with their picks.

Awww... there's that baby again :) Everyone needs their baby fix at a party!

(I don't think the coloring was that bad in this pic at all!)

I think in this next picture, Kerah is definitely not agreeing with her parent's idea of their fantasy team.

She's thinking "I would NEVER pick that guy to be my number one wide receiver! Did you see him play last season? Ridiculous!"

So, I'll be letting you know how Brian and I are faring in our little sports venture :)


  1. Jimmy and I have done fantasy football for the last 7 years. It is a lot of fun whether you like football or not. Some friendly compitition. Good Luck!

  2. You are so brave! I've heard that FF is alot of fun and it looks like you all had a great start as a family :) It's so awesome that you have a great neighborhood too. So out of curiousity, what is the water for???

  3. You are so lucky to have such a great neighbors! I LOVE all the photos!! Good luck with your FF!!!

  4. Kes, I *think* its to keep the burgers moist. But I'm really not sure! Maybe it just looks cool?

  5. We would fail miserably at Fantasy Football!!! How awesome that you live in such a great neighborhood :)

  6. Sounds promising. Of course my teams have always been chosen based on how good they look in their uniforms, and that seems to work pretty well.

  7. I hope your team is all you fantasize that it'll be! :D

    You make me want to move back to town! I don't have anyone nearby to grill fake burgers with me!


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