My husband lived another year.

For some reason, its common knowledge between Brian and his friends that he was going to be hit by a bus and die at age 35.

I credit this to the fact that we live outside city limits and therefore do not have access to public transportation.

At any rate, my husband lived to see his 36th birthday. In keeping with tradition, we threw him a themed birthday party fit for a little kid.

Obviously our theme was motorcycles. The Friday before the party, Brian and I went on a mission to find matching paper products and an pinata. Unfortunately, motorcycles are not a popular theme right now. Disney's "Cars" and "Hotwheels" were in abundance. Next year he needs to pick a theme that we can actually buy stuff for!

While the adults partook in food, drink, spirits, and lots of beer pong tournaments, this is what the puppies were doing:

We also had three children attend the party. They decided to create their own "dance party" in Jaina's room with flashlights and glow in the dark silly bands. When they got bored with that, they all went upstairs and created a sort of Haunted House in which all the adults were dragged one by one through. I think they had a great time :)

All in all, it was quite a success. :) And this is it for pictures. 'Cause what happens at Brian's birthday bash stays at Brian's birthday bash. I promised not to put up any incriminating photos. Just know that a good time was had by all :)


  1. Sounds like it was a fun party!

  2. oh god - that common knowledge is hard to think about :( anyway happy birthday to your hubby and here's to another healthy 36 years more!

    ~ash's mum

  3. Oh the restraint you have to exercise not to post incriminating pics! :)

  4. Happy Birthday, glad he made it! LOL Nathan is obsessed with motorcycles, I hear the word at least a hundred times a day. Hopefully he doesn't ever want a real one. =)

  5. That picture of your hubby...hilarious! :) Glad he lived to see another year, and I'm sure you are too! Haha. :)

  6. That sounds like a fabulous birthday party!!! I think I may need to throw parties like that from here on out...tomorrow I turn the big 3-0!

  7. Happy Birthday Brian!


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