The Altitude's 4th Game

Brian, my mom, Jayce, Monica, and myself all attended Jaina's fourth soccer game last Saturday. We were a little worried at first, because the team's star player Lily, didn't show. She is the one that primarily scores all of our teams goals! But not to worry, Brooke, Nina, Lauren, and even Courtney decided to take up the slack this game! The Altitudes continue to be undefeated!

Jaina started the game out very hesitantly. Its kinda hard to teach aggressiveness as it applies to sports. Besides, Jaina is the only first grader on her team and one of the only ones that hasn't played soccer before. You should have seen the size of the kids on the opposing team this time! Those third graders looked like fifth graders! I would have been intimidated, too!

So, we are trying to encourage Jaina that its okay to steal the ball away. If the ball is up for grabs and you see a member of the opposing team come at it, it really is okay for you to get in there and try to take it first!

This is my favorite picture! Watch Jaina push that girl out of her way! GO JAINA!

Good game, guys!!!

Thanks for coming, Monica!!!


  1. Jaina is so cute! Ellie had a hard time stealing the ball too :)

  2. Go Jaina!!

    Joshua has played two seasons and tries to steal the ball, but he isn't aggressive enough. I am proud to see her push one of the opponents, boy those girls are Big!

    I can't believe you know the team mates names. The first season I only knew like 4 of the kids names. Last year I didn't know any.

    That's great that so many people come to her games. Jeremy tries to come to Joshua's but he can't usually make them all. I like the name of her team too!

    I am signing Joshua up next week. He will do baseball and Soccer unless it gets to be too much. Last year we did the same thing.

    Nice pictures,she will like these when she is older.


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