It definitely helped!!!

Wow, all your prayers and thoughts and good vibes must have really worked today, because we had an AWESOME visit at the children's hospital!! :) WOO HOO!

We arrived at 9:00 AM this morning after driving 45 minutes in gusting rain and getting stuck on 85 in traffic. Luckily the paperwork wasn't too intensive and they called us back to the room about 5 minutes later.

The room was so cozy, Jayce climbed up on the bed immediately and started playing with a VTECH baby toy that had lights and sounds... his favorite combo! The nurse showed Jayce the purple "hat" he was going to wear and got Jayce all excited about it. We showed him pictures of an astronaut in the same kind of hat, and we showed Jayce what he looked like in the mirror with his hat on. He tolerated the "hat" well and soon forgot it was on him. We told him that the blue gooky gel stuff was "lotion" and that he would smell pretty. Since Jayce likes lotion (on his hands, not anywhere else) he found this to be acceptable.

He had 3 leads that were attached by big stickers that he didn't care for, but he did not really bother them past the first initial tries of taking them off.

Then they wrapped his head in a big gauze bandage so he wouldn't touch it anymore and it worked!

We were there for 2.5 hours, but Jayce would not go to sleep. He stayed in the bed, laying down the ENTIRE time (which amazed me) and several times, he was actually still and quiet for over 5 minutes and we were sure he'd go to sleep soon. Nope. But the tech said they think they got good tape, whatever that means.

We'll know the results soon. I'm just glad that's over with!


  1. I'm glad it went so well!!

  2. Good for Jayce! I'm curious to hear the results.

  3. Wow, I am glad it went well. I think he did a better job than Jeremy did. Jeremy is so fidgety and never stays still. Jayce is great! I figure kids never go to sleep when we want them, especially on demand. I bet he probably fell asleep in the car!

    I hope the results come back quickly and okay! I am glad its over with for you. Good tape, probably means the reading they get, the "squiggly lines thingies"


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