Keep us in your thoughts tomorrow

Tomorrow I have to take Jayce to a hospital in Greenville for an EEG. I'm not *too* worried about him having abnormal results. Although we do have epilepsy in our family, I've never really felt like Jayce is having a seizure. But since both the developmental ped and the geneticist suggested it, we need to get it done.

I am worried he will freak out. He HATES wet/sticky stuff on him. Unless he's asleep when they put the leads on (and he does have to be asleep for part of the test), he is going to mind. And how on earth am I going to get him to sleep in such a different location?

Please send positive vibes our way tomorrow. Thanks :)


  1. you will for sure be in my thoughts and prayers. keep me posted on how it all goes.

  2. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Thinking of you guys today, Jess.

  3. Hope you got my positive vibes and that things went well today!

  4. OH my gosh, I haven't been on my blog. I hope everything went well. I am sorry I am late posting. I can see by your more recent posts that Jayce looks happy. Let me know how things went. Thinking of you. You must have been on pins and needles. So sorry you had to go through this.


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