Jayce at the park

Jayce's preschool program only goes from 7:45 AM until 10:30 AM. On Thursday, we go to the library for storytime after preschool. On other days, we either try to make the daily MOMS Club activity or swing by the park for 30 minutes or so for some intense swinging activity.

Jayce is kinda "out of it" when I go to pick him up. I still don't think he's entirely comfortable at school yet. He walks in like a zombie when I drop him off, then I see him quietly sitting until I walk up to the school at 10:30. As soon as he sees me, he gets upset and starts rambling about "mommys car" and "bye bye busses" or "jayce STICKY!" so I usually have to calm him down while we walk to the car.

I know things will get better. This is just the second week. His teacher gives good reports daily :)


  1. OH my gosh! He is doing so well. I am glad the class isn't for much longer than that. Wow, this must be so hard for you, I know it would be for me. Glad he is getting good reports!

  2. Forgot to mention, I really like pic #3, great framing. I still haven't sent you the PHotoshop Elements disk, sorry, I kinda put it to the side and forgot :(.

  3. J-
    It is so hard to leave them. I totally understand those feelings. I am sorry you are going through that right now with Jayce. It will get better for sure.
    thanks for you comment on my blog about biting. you are so sweet. ;) Have a great weekend- K

  4. it takes a while to get in the groove of something new I think. In fact, no parent volunteers are allowed at Coleman's preschool for 6 weeks - they say that is the "adjustment phase" when they will no longer get upset when they see mom and then she leaves!

    sounds like he is doing well and love his big smile in the swing :)

  5. His rambling sounds like he's attempting to tell you all about his day. :) His limited phrases can encompass so many things in his mind. Has his teacher mentioned any stimming or the amount of it? That could be a good stress level indicator. I hate the part where I don't get to be there every second watching how mine does during her day. :p


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