Art Time and Science Time

Jaina enjoyed an entire hour of drawing with colored pencils and a "How to Draw Animals" book as a guide. She drew 8 pictures: a hamster, a fish, a dog (Momma and puppy), a cat, a turtle, a parakeet, a pink bunny with a carrot, and a lizard. We matted all of them this afternoon and hung them up around the house. I am sure a post about Jaina's Gallery will be in the works soon :)

While Jaina was busy in the art room with my mom, I took Jayce to the Science Center.

He learned about muscles, where his heart and brain are, and about the nervous system:

I tried to take pictures of the cars going down the track, but Jayce was too fast for me every.single.time! As soon as I'd set all the cars up, he'd push the big green button and send them on down the track.


We finally figured out how to use the magnet exhibit. Dummy mommy had NO idea previously that you had to turn the crank to charge the magnet. We had a great time watching little metal balls crash onto drum cymbols. Oh, and Jayce can read the words "Up" and "Down" and I had no idea until yesterday!


But the most fun we have at the science center involves the potential energy machine. Turning the crank, you load all the balls up the elevator-like shaft. Then they drop down a wire run until you release them onto another track. It is Jayce's favorite exhibit to play with, hands down:

We were going to make a habit out of going to the Arts Center every Tuesday, but we just got a call from Regional... he's back in therapy!! He'll start OT and Feeding next Tuesday afternoon. We'll have to make another day our science/art day :)


  1. what a fun day and what a fun idea to post jaina's art gallery. i'm telling ya, she and ashley would so be good friends. just today she was making me drawings of animal heads - puppy, birdie, cat, monkey, lion, etc. i may have to copy you and show some of that on the good old blog....

  2. Jaina would be such an inspiration to Joshua. I wish they lived closer. He is embarrassed that Jaina saw his Blue Monster and doesn't want anyone to see his work :( I called the school counselor today, hopefully I will get a meeting.

    I always make it a point to hang up Joshua's art too. I haven't matted any of it yet. Have you heard of MAGNART ? I am going to try that with Joshua's school work and projects. Joshua doesn't want to draw anymore, it makes me sad. He got a How to Draw book for his birthday. I will try to get him to use it. I am really thinking of signing him back up for an Art classes, expensive, will be worth it.

    I like the pictures of the science Museum, it reminds me of the one by us at Sugar Sand.

  3. Love this post. ♥

    Hooray for Regional calling!

  4. Anonymous1:27 PM

    what a cool place!

    when you were talking about potential energy, the equations for potential energy and kinetic energy came rushing back to me after all these years. thanks for the flashback lol -- i think!

  5. I so need to check that place out with the kids.


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