Brian's *%$# IBM Birthday Party

Brian turned 34 this year. Tradition calls for a huge birthday bash. Unfortunately, our original date and time had to be scrapped due to a project at his work, so we had to switch it to the previos night. That made several people have to decline. But we still had fun and it was a good turnout despite.

Themes of past parties have included: Justice League, Star Wars, Superman, and The Colbert Report. This year, it was Jaina's idea to have a computer theme. She had seen Dodi's computer cake pan in her garage one time and knew it was perfect for her daddy.

Brian has been VERY unhappy with the support his company and team have received from the very expensive IBM system that they had purchased, so we decided to turn his party into an IBM bash. (No offense to anyone who reads this that works for IBM or who's spouse works for IBM. I ams sure you personally have no part in this particular system).

Anyway, the party was basically an excuse to eat a computer cake with an expletive on it, play beer pong, and bash a computer (kinda like what they did to the printer/copier on the movie Office Space).

All in all, it was a great night. My mom let Jaina spend the night with her and we just put Jayce to bed when people started to arrive. He slept the entire night and even let his mommy and daddy sleep until 8 the next morning!


  1. LOL I want to hang out with you guys. Awesome idea, Jaina!


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