First Soccer Game

One last sip before game time!

Pep talk before the game starts:

And they are off!

A quick water break and a daddy cuddle for Jaina:

Jayce and Gray really got into the game! At first Jayce wanted to run around on the field and would NOT sit down. But I gave him choices, "Sit with Gray, sit with Mommy, or sit with daddy" and he choose his Gray. After a while when the game really got underway you could hear him scream, "Kick the ball! GO BLUE!". Two little girls got the soccer ball kicked into their face and Jayce was right there giving them tissues on the sidelines. He was so stinkin' cute during the game!

Jaina played a great game and got pretty equal playing time as the rest of her teammates. I was surprised at how much she was allowed to play "Forward" because in practice, all she's done is play defense in the back:

Jaina got to kick off right after 1/2 time was over for the start of a new period!

Lining up to give "High Five's":

Whew! Its done! Coming to see Mommy, Daddy, Jayce, and Gray after the game:

The Altitudes (Aka, the Blue team) won 4-0. But they don't keep score :) Only parents!

Jaina loved it and had a great time!


  1. Wow, she got to play forward. Last season, Joshua never got to play forward only defense. Wow, she looks really "into it" , that was great your mom and Brian came too. Aren't soccer games fun! I look forward to this season with Joshua, I think I am more excited than he is. Great pictures :)

    Just a little note: as far as spelling test, Jeremy suggest the morning of the test, have them write out all the words (before school) and he says it helps them remember. I will try it this week.

  2. how fun. I tried to get Ashley to play soccer but she said she wasn't interested. I tried to get her to play t ball also, again, no interest. looks like we'll be trying out dance!
    I feel guilty that she hasn't done anything. she has always been content just going along to all the boys things and that is one less activity, but she needs to do something!

  3. Congrats to Jaina! Looks like she was having a great time! Cute pics of her and Jayce.

  4. What a darling soccer player Jaina makes! ♥ I also love hearing how much Jayce is talking. Cute pics. Is it sexist if I say that I could tell which one was Jaina right away because she's the girliest one out there? (hee) She certainly looks like she's enjoying herself.

  5. Go Jaina! Jessie, I'll call you because I'd love to bring Philip out to a game and let him watch. It would be great to hang out together too!

  6. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Looks like such a fun time for the whole family. Your Jayce is just too cute!! I'll love it when my daughter can play soccer too - Jaina looks like she did great.


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