Get ready for some serial posting!

We've had a super busy past couple of days!

On Thursday, Jayce was "sick" (and by "sick", I mean he had a clear, slightly drippy nose, but since his teacher is paranoid about germs, I couldn't bring him to school) so we hung out together all day doing all the things that Jayce likes to do.

Friday was a teacher workday and we were supposed to go pick apples at the Apple Farm, but we got rained out. Instead, we headed down to the cultural center to see the history museum and the science center (the same one we go to every week). Our friends Jessica, Dana, and Jeanne, with all their children, joined us. We had made lunch plans with our friends as well, but we had to get back by 1:00 PM to see Carmen for EI. Friday night soccer practice was canceled due to the rain as well.

We started this morning off by heading over to Jaina's 4th soccer game. Monica joined our cheering section at the last minute when she found out the game was still on. The girls did amazingly well and The Altitudes are STILL undefeated! More about the game when I post pictures.

Today was the annual GREEK FEST at the church Brian's mother used to attend when she lived here in town. We had a blast! The food was good, Jayce loved the dancing, and Jaina sweet-talked her daddy into buying her a beautiful bracelet :) Pictures will come soon. I am having trouble getting our computer downstairs to read my CF card after I formatted it. I guess its a Brian Job :)

Anyway, I do have pictures to post from earlier this week. Enjoy!


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