You know I am lazy when...

I put a slide show up on my blog instead of uploading individual pictures. And I hate slide shows. Actually, I love slide shows when someone links me to a full-screen version of them through picasa web albums or flickr. I just can't stand them on blogs for some reason. I almost never look at all the pictures if its in a slide show form. I guess its because I read SO many blogs that I don't have time to wait for it to load.

So, here I am putting yet another slide show on my blog. I will not be upset if no one looks at the pictures of Jaina playing her third soccer game. They are all kinda boring, if you think about it. Shooting sports is not my forte and its hard to get creative. And you can take 200 pictures and only get a handful of decent non-blurry shots. And because I have Jayce to deal with as well, its not like I can wander around the field changing position with my telefoto lens (I don't have a telefoto lens. I actually don't own ANY lenses other than the 15-80mm standard).

Okay, so maybe I'm in a bad mood this evening? Hmmm... I shouldn't be. I had a good day. I am tired, though. I think I'll go to bed and leave updating about Jayce for tomorrow's post :)


  1. I know, I wish every shot of my kids was a fantastic shot. Still, digital makes it so much better in so many ways. You sound so apologetic. Don't! I love the slide shows. I love the less than award-winning photography (which is rare for you!) and I love that your kids come first. * huge grin *

  2. I love your blog. Are those pumpkin faces candles. How cool. I may copy your idea. I love fall. Your so creative like your mom. At least you take 200 pictures. I don't usually take enough, so then I am left with only a handful of pictures and then I don't like any of them.

    I like your slides. I have a fast computer so they don't take a long time to load :) thank goodness.


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