The Weather Cooperates

Although Sept. 22nd was the first official day of Fall, we sure didn't feel it until later in the week!

Its just not "Fall" to me unless we are wearing long sleeves or light weight jackets. For the most part, I LOVE the weather in the south. I love the heat of the summer and the briefness of the winter. What I can't stand is the wishy-washy flipping back and forth fight that the seasons do twice a year. Is it hot? Is it cold? Do we need pants? Or shorts?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you are supposed to layer and all that jazz. But I hate wearing layers. And besides, it may be 60's in the morning and the jeans you put on might feel great, but no one wants to wear hot denim pants with the 80's (or even 90's) sun blaring down through your car window.

Whatever I send Jaina to school in, chances are, she'll be miserable in it before the day is over.

And then we'll have one week of cooler weather and everyone in SC will rush around breaking out the long sleeve clothes for their kids. Then the next week will be 90's and you are back to wearing the same tank top and short set you bought at the beginning of last summer.

You can tell some of the leaves on the trees *want* to turn colors, but its just not quite time yet. And don't you dare put out mums right now... not unless you want them to live!

On Thursday, we had a cool overcast day and I was able to put long sleeves and pants on Jayce to wear comfortably. He's just too cute :)


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