Play Time

So, Jaina's been teaching Jayce how to play games with her.

Overheard in the car:

"Simon says, pat your legs!", Jaina instructs. Jayce obediently pats his legs. "Okay, now Simon Says to beep your nose! Beep your nose, Jayce!" and Jayce does it. "Now, Simon Says to be a tree! Be a tree Jayce! Tree! NO! Be a tree!! Yay, you got it!" and then the funny one, "Simon says be a cookie! Can you be a cookie Jayce? Be a cookie!" Even *I* don't know how to "be a cookie"

Overheard in the living room:

"Do you want to play Duck Duck Goose, Jayce? Play Duck Duck Goose? I'll teach you! Come here Jayce!" Jayce follows her to the living room and says, "Duck!" excitedly. "Okay, now, sit in a circle, Jayce! Sit here in a circle!" (Jayce is the only kid in the room besides Jaina )

And the other day:

"Jayce! We are going to play Hide and Seek. Hide and seek? I'll count? You hide! Go hide, Jayce! Go! Jaina count! You hide! Okay, I'm going to start counting.... 1....2....3..." and Jayce stands there and counts along, "1....2......3"

Jaina says, "NO, Jayce! *I* am the one who gets to count! Go hide! Go on! Run, Jayce! Run!"

Jayce runs around the room saying, "Running! Running!"

"Okay, Jayce... you count, I'll go hide. Okay? You count! Count to 10!"

Jaina runs out of the room. Jayce follows her. "No, Jayce! You are supposed to count!'

Jayce sticks his finger out and wags it at Jaina, "Count to three! 1....2.....3.... Jaina, stop do it!" (like she's in trouble, so he's "counting" for her!)


  1. LMAO!

    Seriously, what a fantastic glimpse into their relationship. That is just the kind of attention he needs from her. How cute.

  2. how do you keep from peeing yourself when they play like that? that is soooo cute... <3

  3. Oh my gosh, how funny. I love siblings when they play together. Especially when you can hear what they are saying. It's classic. It's great you write everything down. Some of the things they say can be so hilarious. You can look back and laugh. I know Justin says some funny things to Joshua. "Hey what's up naked boy!" and Joshua is not even naked.


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