Chinese Buffet

I don't think we've been to a buffet style restaurant since before Jayce was born. Its not that we don't like them, its just that we tend to stick to our favorite restaurants as Brian is a creature of habit.

Tonight we tried the Chinese Buffet down the street from our house. After Jaina fixed herself a plate full of all her favorites (rice, shrimp, chicken, broccoli), she took it back to the table. Then she saw Brian get up and get a new plate with more food. She was amazed! She said, "You mean you get MORE food when you are all done with this? This is the BEST day of my life! I can eat all the shrimp I want! I love this restaurant! Can we eat here everyday?"

Jaina also showed off her Japanese skills from school by eating her broccoli perfectly with chopsticks. Jayce used his to bang on his plate and belt out tunes from the latest Kidz Bop Cd we got.

The best part, though, was when the waitress was telling Jayce bye.

He acted like he wanted to give her a high five, so she held her hand out for him to slap. He looked confused for a moment, then reached in his mouth, took out the french fry that was in there, and handed it to her in her hand.



  1. Nasty. Hilarious, but nasty! ;-)

  2. Oh My Gracious! That is hilarious. I could just see him taking the food out of his mouth and giving it to the lady! You're going to have some great stories to tell your kids when they get older! :-)

  3. lol "can we eat here everyay?"

  4. and too funny about jayce. i had a similar experience and it was only a couple of years ago (not quite to the same extent)... i was talking to a real estate guy about selling our house, and he was talking away, and then stopped talking, and put his hand out midsentence for emphasis. i thought he wanted to shake my hand, so i shook it. with a wtf look on my face. awkward! poor jayce.

  5. LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY!! Kids are so cute!


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