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Happy Mother's Day to me!

Normally Brian does the typical "I love you and you are an excellent Mother to my children" standard fare. Cards, candy, flowers, dinner out. And I love all that, I really do. But Brian hates doing this. Really. Truly. He's not a gift giver. He likes simple and easy, not something he has to actually make an effort for.

One day I was researching camera lenses. I follow a lot of photographer's blogs and pay attention to what they use. Yeah, they use $1,800 lenses on cameras so expensive that they could buy a small country with the money used to purchase it. Sorry, no way am I able to spend that kind of money.

So, when my friend Marcus asked if I had a "Nifty Fifty" I was intrigued. I googled it and was surprised to see a million good reviews. And the great news? Its only about $100. I quickly sent the link to my husband, not even suggesting it as a present. He came back and said, "Do you want this UV filter thingy to go with it?" YAY!!!

He said, "No card, no dinner, no flowers." I told him I loved him very much :)

I got my lens 3 days later and have been having fun playing with it!


  1. Join the Nifty Fifty group on Flickr!

    Give Brian a big hug for me and if he ever feels compelled to give the to "Melissa" fund, I would pay for him to run a race down here, if he ever visits.

    You will be very happy with this lens. I love my 1.4 film lens for my Pentax :) 50 mm are awesome in every way and it beats paying $1600-$1800.

  2. OK, I HAVE to get a better camera! And then one of these lenses. Wow...

    And I definitely know what you mean about Brian - Ben is the same! Only he had to be trained to give me those things in the first place. Our first mother's day together I cried all day because I was pregnant and he didn't do ANYTHING for me - not even a "Happy Mother's Day". It took a few years, but he finally got it down. And he LOVES it when I ask for specific gifts. This year it's a sewing machine!


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