Serial Posting: Jayce and the Potty

It started simply enough.

Three of Jayce's friends are already potty trained in his morning preschool class. One day, when his teacher called out, "Does anyone need to use the potty?", Jayce said, "I do!" So, they let him try. Nothing happened that entire week, but we switched from diapers to pull ups (for the ease of pulling up and down) and he got into the routine of trying at school. That weekend, he tried at our house. And went! And went 2 more times at our friend's house that same day!

Since that weekend, Jayce has had tons of potty successes :) He usually goes anywhere from 2-6 times a day. I am not quite sure he recognizes the need to go, but if you say that you are going to go, he likes to join you in the bathroom. This summer when school is out, we are going to try real underwear to see how it goes!

I never thought he would be interested in the potty. I've been following advice from books and internet boards about potty training children with autism. Wow, is there a lot of work involved. Picture schedules, social stories, schedule training, etc. I was dragging my feet about it, just hoping that the light bulb would eventually just "click" for him. I think its beginning to :)

Whenever he pees in the potty, he says, "I's so proud of you, mommy!" :)

I love how you can see his handprint on the shower door :)

Don't worry, its only water that Jayce is "mixing" up in the windex bottle and then squirting in his mouth with the hair spray bottle. He loves playing with water :)


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