There's been a new milestone reached in our house, one that I haven't gotten a chance to blog about. But its coming! I'm waiting for the "right" picture of Jayce and his new Big Boy Bed!. I've been patiently waiting for a day where the following things happen:
1. The bed is neatly made
2. The lighting through the window is strong enough to not use a flash
3. Jayce is wearing something cute, not a old ratty shirt to bed
4. Jayce stays still long enough to take a picture
5. Actually having the camera in the vicinity of the bed needs to happen, too.

So, one day, the planets will align and I will get my picture.

Here's the story about the brown and blue comforter.

We were going to buy Jayce a twin bed frame from Walmart for his 4th birthday present. A few weeks before his birthday, our good friend Dodi asked if we had any use for a double bed that she wanted to get rid of. Um, yeah! So, the day her new husband moved into their home for good, they moved the previous guest bed over to our house.

Jayce asked, "Is it a princess bed?" and Jaina replied, "No, its not a princess bed like mine. Its.... its... its a hotel bed, Jayce! Its just like the bed we sleep on at hotels!" Just so you know, he is absolutely thrilled with his "hotel bed".

Dodi also gave us the comforter set that came with the bed. OMG... is this thing gorgeous or what! Too bad I don't have a bed in my dining room because the colors would go perfectly with my walls! But it wasn't quite what I had in mind for Jayce. We quickly found him a "woodland creature" comforter for his new bed. But I'm keeping the brown and blue one anyway. It makes an excellent background for pictures :)

I had laid it out on my bed and was trying to shoot some pics, when Jayce decided to come interrupt after his shower. He had so much fun playing "peek a boo!" by hiding under the comforter!


  1. i love blue and brown together. it's one of my favourite colour combos... and those are sweet pics of jayce!

  2. Glad you guys are enjoying the hotel bed!

  3. The blue in the blanket matches his eyes. I can tell your enjoying your lens :)

    I can't believe Jaina's bday is next week....luckily I bought her present in January- I just need to get it out.


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