Pool's Open

And by "pool" I mean, tiny-little-plastic-baby-pool-made-by-little-tykes-that's-older-than-Jaina. Why the kids absolutely love it is beyond me. Its barely deep enough to get your ankles wet! But boy have we gotten our money's worth out of this thing every year. Especially since it was free :)

We store it under the deck during the winter and no matter what side we store it on, it inevitably fills up with rain water and freezes and warps the plastic. Then I get the lovely job of bleaching all the red mud stains off of the plastic and washing off all the spider eggs and slugs that have attached to it. But, I have to admit that the thing cleans up pretty well and is still going strong after all these years.

My friend Anna Hinton from THS taught me how to make clover/daisy chains into crowns. I am sad to say our yard had plenty of both. Jaina loved it :)

So, since its already well into the 80's every day lately, (and its only May), be prepared to see many more pictures of sprinklers and pool days in blog posts to come!


  1. Fun fun fun! I love the slide, too. I have to get me one of these! We've only ever used the inflatable things that spring a leak every year.

  2. That water looks so enticing. Of course, your photos make everything look enticing.

    Enjoy your summer!

  3. wow, thats some pool. Good thing you can store it. I love Jaina's flowers. Your so lucky to have a girl :)

    Love the colors the lens gives in the pictures, very vibrant and good clarity.

    I'm gunna get me one someday!


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