Serial Posting: Becca's Shower

Becca has become a very good friend of mine! Our sons are in the same preschool class at the school down the street. We totally clicked soon after we met. To our surprise, we had a lot of mutual friends as well!

One of Becca's dearest friends had the great idea to throw her a surprise baby shower last Saturday. It was SO hard keeping the surprise, especially since I see Becca each and every morning at the preschool!

Susan lured Becca over to her house under the guise of attending a spa pampering day. I was a little concerned that Becca would be upset that she wasn't going to a spa when she found out! Luckily, she wasn't :)

It was such a fun shower with excellent food. Best wishes to my friend Becca on the upcoming birth of her daughter!


  1. jess, these photos are great. everyone looks so pastelly perfect! nice candid shots. what a sweet thing to do for a friend. and is that the dress you wore? i like the print! wish there was a full-length shot of you wearing it :) all the best to your friend!

  2. very nice Jessie. Your very kind to capture some sweet memories for a friend.

    You look really nice in the shot, your hair looks great.


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