Who cares if summer isn't officially here yet? I declare it summer already due to temps in the 80's every afternoon. (Actually, summer temps are usually in the high 90's, so this really is very typical weather for Spring.) After weeks of asking and begging, I let Jaina hook up the sprinkler this afternoon.

One reason its in the driveway is because we have more red clay than grass. Red clay + water = orange mud that stains both feet and clothing, so we elect to water the driveway instead. Most of the run off heads right to our grass (weeds) anyway, so its not a total waste of water.

This is what I get when I tell Jayce to look at the camera and say, "cheese!"

The girls take time out to pose while they were "sunbathing".

Umbrellas are good props to use when you are pretending that the sprinkler is actually rain. Unfortunately, the poor umbrellas couldn't take the abuse from the kids, and both of them broke. They were several years old anyway.

And this is Jayce with his newest obsession. I guess his love for all things pampering has crossed over into outdoor skin care as well. I finally bought him his very own bottle of kids' sunscreen so he'd leave the pricey bottle of Bullfrog alone! At least I know he won't get sunburned this summer!


  1. What a great idea! I never thought about letting the girls use umbrellas in a sprinkler. That's where the cheap dollar store umbrellas come in handy I guess. And that's so funny about Jayce and the sunblock. Kelsey was going through a similar obsession recently until she started breaking out from one of my scented lotions (sensitive skin).

  2. fun! i like the umbrellas idea. is it just me, or does the thought of running through sprinklers, as an adult, sound like the absolute worst thing i could do on a nice day? lol it's been a long time since i was a kid. they look like they're having a blast! great post.

  3. What a great coincidence to come across this post. Just the other day I went to pick up our four-year-old daughter Z from her grandparents' and found them all playing in the yard, spraying each others with the hose while one of them wielded an old umbrella as a shield. It had never occurred to me to use one in this way, but it seemed like great fun!


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