Spring Fling 2009

Spring Fling. If you live in my town, you know what this is. If you don't... well, its not hard to figure it out. Think "Fair" but not as fun. Add some art booths, crowds, lots of walking, and put it all downtown. That's Spring Fling.

We go every year, rain or shine. And usually it does rain! It was sprinkling on us when we first got there last Sunday, but it quickly stopped.

We dropped $100, I kid you not. We ate lunch there ($8 for the kids, $5 for mine), bought 3 drinks during the 4 hours we were there, bought ride tickets ($20) which didn't seem to last long since Jayce actually rode on the rides for the first time ever. Bought a funnel cake ($5), bought ice cream (?), bought Jayce a superman ($5), bought Jaina a purse ($5), bought me a purse ($14), bought two necklaces (?) and Brian bought some hot pepper dip (?). I'm sure I'm forgetting something as well. Oh, we donating some money to the Spartanburg Children's Shelter and to the Spartanburg Charter school as well :)

It was fun. 'Til next year!


  1. Brian's looking good these days, not that he looks bad on other days, but he looks good in these pictures.

    $100, yikes. I think the only time I spent that much was at the Renaissance fair a few years ago when I was working and had the cash flow. Its not hard to do.

    I want a piece of Art frame from Jaina. I have some framed Art of Joshua's and would love to hang a piece of her art on my wall :)

  2. I meant to say "I want a piece of Art I can frame" from Jaina.

  3. When you said you bought Jayce a superman, I pictured a little hand-held action figure. Boy was I wrong...


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