Jaina's 7th Birthday

For Jaina's 7th Birthday, she had decided long ago that she wanted to have a "Paint your own pottery" party at Flying Saucers. We invited 12 kids in all, 7 came. Not too bad for Memorial Day weekend!

Ashlan painted an "A".

Jaina chose an angel fish to paint:

All I had to say was "Hi Toby" and he'd give me this beautiful grin:

Virginia painted a beautiful dragonfly:

Well, Brian, why don't you just take a load off while I set everything up?

Jaina always asks Brian to "hold her like a baby". And then Brian makes a big production about barely being able to lift her because she's gotten so big :) Makes me smile every time!

Quick picture with Gray:

Brian couldn't resist holding Toby. But when asked by my friend Angie if that made him want another one, this was his response:

The birthday girl got a Flying Saucers T-shirt, a princess crown, and her handprint on a ceramic tile to commemorate her birthday.

EWWW!!! Go wash your hands!

Got Pigs?

Are you SURE you don't want another baby Brittany? Just hold baby Toby and you might change your mind!

Our regular birthday party cake decorator, Dodi, was going to be out of town for Memorial Day weekend, so I enlisted the help of my friend Sarah, who used to be in MOMS Club a few years ago. She did an awesome job and the cake was DELICIOUS! Oh, and if you aren't familiar with the popular Mo Willems book, that's Knuffle Bunny on the cake. Since her brother had a Pigeon Party (same author, different book), she insisted on a Knuffle Bunny party.

Jaina was so worried that she couldn't blow out her candles!

This look is pure joy. Jaina wanted a Knuffle Bunny stuffed animal so badly, that she was secretly hoping that she might get some birthday money from someone to buy it herself. Surprise! Gray picked the perfect gift.

Naomi decided to adopt Miss Brittany's lap for a while. Luckily Ashlan didn't mind :)

Lydia helps her mom out by holding her baby brother:

That's a good lookin' group of girls!! Girls Rock (as Jaina would say)

Gotta have the "Best Friend Shot" as per usual:

Brittany and I had to yell at the girls several times to "Come on already, its time to go!"

As we were leaving and packing up, we ran into my good friend Shonna and her daughter Layn, who had come to paint pottery that day. Shonna not only worked with me at the Picture People, but she was my favorite photographer when Jaina was born. And she also shot my wedding reception and bridal portraits, too! We gave Layn a huge piece of cake to share with her mommy.


  1. Love the Knuffle Bunny cake. I think parties planned away from the home are the best one's, if they are affordable. Then you don't have to worry about weather or if your house is clean enough and all that jazz.

    The paint your own pottery is such a great creative concept. We have been contemplating that, but for a boy? its questionable.

    Birthday parties are such an important part of a child's childhood and you did a great job documenting it.

    I am begging Jeremy for the 50mm 1.8, $130 seems to be the price, maybe I will get it before my birthday :). I have heard and seen such superior things, I may never take the lens off my camera again, when I get it.

    Lame Auntie Melissa is finally getting Jaina's box out today. We have had nothing but rain since Friday and I haven't felt like leaving the house much.


  2. Olivia got to go to a pottery party the summer after kindergarden. She loved it! And baby Toby really IS adorable - don't you just love those kids that make adults all around want more? When babies smile and flirt with you it makes you forget all about the sleepless nights, morning sickness, and poopy diapers :)

  3. We love that Knuffle Bunny book too! It was just a random book that Philip grabbed on the way out of the library one day. No clue that they actually sell Knuffle Bunny stuffed animals. That book is the reason one of Braewyn's babies is named Trixie!

  4. what a great idea for a birthday! nice photos jess, everything is so bright and beautiful :)


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