Happy Birthday Jaina!

Today is not Jaina's 7th birthday. Tomorrow is. But, we'll be gone practically the entire day, so I'm posting these now. Close enough, right?

I buckled Jayce into the car at 7:05 AM and remembered that I wanted to take Jaina's picture before school, just like last year. I told her to go sit on the stairs while I ran to get my camera. The next thing I know, she's dragged the white chair down to the mailbox with the flowers.
"I want flowers in my picture," she said.

So I shot this:

"Ugh! M-O-M! You can't see the flowers!"

So I take this:

I asked her if this was better. "Ugh, mom... the flowers are all blurry!" (Um, sweetie, that's the point. Mommy likes it like this!)

Okay, so here's her picture with the flowers. Jaina posed herself :)

Here are the homemade cupcakes that I made to take to Jaina's school today :) She thinks that I made two sets, one for school and one for her party tomorrow. She has no idea that my friend Sarah is making her a Knuffle Bunny cake!!

Happy Birthday (early) my sweet daughter :)


  1. Happy Birthday Jaina! I know you will have lots of fun on your birthday. We have a surprise for you coming in the mail, too bad there isn't a box big enough to fit Joshua, he really misses you!

  2. Aw...Happy Birthday Jaina!! Your pics are great! I love how one part of the picture is so clear and other parts blurry! How do you do that?!

  3. Happy Birthday, Jaina. Gosh, she's so grown up and lovely.

    The cupcakes are almost as pretty as the birthday girl, but not quite.

    Birthday blessings to your little girl!

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! I hope you've had a wonderful birthday! You are growing up so fast!

  5. aw, happy birthday to jaina! i can't believe how fast she's grown up...


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