Serial Posting: Jaina

I know that my blogging posts are very uneven when it comes to my kids. Because Jaina is gone at school from 7:30-2:18 every single day, she misses out on a lot of fun activities that Jayce and I do during the day. I know, I know... Jaina had 5 years home with me during the day to attend MOMS Club stuff and go to the park in the morning. But it still doesn't stop me from feeling a tad bit guilty. If you ask me, they require young children to be in school too long. I really wish that they had 1/2 day Kindergarten here. Anyway, here's a picture of Jaina that we took for a school project (you'll see the end result later) last week. Now on to 3 more posts about her little brother.


  1. I carry the same guilt about Connor postings. I tell myself it's because he's a baby and changing more, but now I have a new excuse :) The others go to school.

    Btw, we do have 1/2 day kindergarten here (for now) but the problem I'm seeing is there's extra pressure on moms to send their kids to Pre-K because there's less time in Kindergarten. But I do love it!


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